Newest socks


These are the finished socks which I began at the start of January (Pattern used ‘A simple sock’ Two socks, one week KAL)


I didn’t quite get the stripes to match up properly – but it doesn’t make them any less cosy!


I’ve also started back on my Eyelet Yoke Sweater   . This time I used a long tail cast on, which made it easier to keep everything lined up and un-twisted ( plus I took my eye of the telly for a while!) It’s knitting up very quickly:

eyelet yoke sweater1

Photo shows where the yoke ends, and you divide for the armholes.  But because I’ve such straight shoulders, I’ve knitted 6 extra rows before dividing it.  I also wanted to keep the neck higher as above – I’ve noticed in some versions that it opens out into a wider neckline on some people, so I’m hoping that less stretching into the armhole will mean the neck doesn’t open out too much.

I’ve also cast on another pair of socks –  the Hermione’s Everyday socks  and have been working away slowly on them.  It seems like non stop knitting at the moment, but I have started sewing a bag which I’ll share soon:) ,  Chris


Two socks , (almost!) One week


I definitely caught the sock-making bug after following along with Two socks, one week.   After my first pair were done I bought some Rico Superba bamboo yarn to make a second pair.

I made a few little changes this time round – I knitted the cuff in K1 P2 rib and I also used less stitches on the circumference (56 total sts after the decrease row.


I’m not to keen on the striping yarn – I think I’d prefer a darker colour.  But the interesting thing is what started as just being curious about how socks were made, has now become a real understanding for why people knit socks! On my first sock I really thought it was too much work for something that could be purchased easily and cheaply.  The main reason I sew, is that it costs a lot less to make the things I want to wear.

But with sock knitting, it seems to be more about making something manageable when the urge to knit comes on. I hate watching tv without something to occupy my hands , or even waiting in the car – I often wish I had my knitting along.  Socks seem to be the perfect project to have on the go between other projects. I came across the  Socks with sarah KAL and thought it was such a good idea.    I’m hoping to keep sock-making as a regular part of my knitting.   I don’t think it’ll happen every day, but definitely every week.

I am looking at some new patterns to try out – and there are a few techniques I’d like to try too – like added a thicker padded sole. Maybe in a different yarn or a different stitch ( need to research a few so any suggestions are welcome). The good thing about the knitalong is watching what everyone else is making and getting inspired!

Finished – Two socks, one week



Finished –  my first pair of socks !

I’m so glad I tried something new. During knitting the first sock, I really though it was too much work for ‘just socks’ , but I’m a convert to sock knitting. The second sock just came together without me even noticing. We were watching a lot of movies over the holiday evenings, and I just knit away.


Image I did have a few bumps with the first sock but it was so handy to have all the help and videos from Kristin and I was determined to learn some new techniques. Long tail cast on, magic loop and kitchener stitch were all new to me.  I’ve already cast on a second pair – although I don’t think they”l be ready in a week! But I do think it’ll be handy to have a pair of socks on the go, to pick up at TV time or in between.

It was good to keep to a time frame too – often my plans get pushed aside as there is no real deadline. It’s my goal this year to knit (& sew) with a plan. With that in mind I thought a blog would help me keep accountable to myself ( and hopefully to other like-minded stitchers!) so please follow along if you can 🙂   Chris