Summer sewing – a patternless maxi skirt


I had a lovely length of viscose that was calling to me ever since I brought it home from my hols.  I had visited Rathdowne Fabrics while I was in Melbourne – and saw the biggest selection of remnant fabrics ever!!  It’s a great shop, ( big selection of fabrics)  but I was very restrained and only bought this viscose and some stretch lace pieces, as I was pretty close to my luggage allowance already.


The beauty of a maxi skirt is that it keeps you nice and cool in sunny weather, while also covering up skin prone to sunburn if  it sees the sun for more than ten minutes!  It was a quick and easy make and I snapped a few pictures as I went along.

I didn’t use a pattern for this.  Instead, I just measured from my waist to the floor and cut a rectangle across the full width of my fabric ( it was 54″ wide I think).

For the waist I used an elastic at the back and foldover waistband interfacing at the front.  I cut the interfacing to be half my waist measurement and then pinned elastic onto it while it was around my waist, adjusting the amount of elastic until it felt comfortable.


elastic and fold a



I then ironed the interfacing onto a strip of the fabric.  I  covered the elastic with a fabric casing, the fabric tube was approx twice the length of the elastic ( to allow the elastic to stretch ) I trimmed the excess fabric in the picture below to a seam allowance of 1cm for attaching to the skirt.

cover elastic

The waistband pieces were then sewn together at both ends to form a continuous circle.


I marked the center front and sides of the skirt panel by dividing it into 4 equal parts.  It was then joined right side together to the waistband.  I pleated the front skirt onto the interfaced band.  The back was sewn while stretching out the elastic.




waist pleats

After that it was just a matter of neatening the seam and trying it on before hemming!  And there you have it – no need for a pattern – a perfect summer sewing project!!!

So whats up next on the sewing table? A Nettie Bodysuit . Heather Lou has posted a sewalong to go with the pattern which should come in handy. And I think a bodysuit would go very nicely with my new maxi 🙂

And one last shot where you can just about see the back split.