Burdastyle Cape Jacket 105 03/2018 (part1)

This jacket really stood out for me when I picked up the March copy of Burdastyle magazine. I don’t buy every issue as I’ve collected so many over the years and I’ll never get through all of them.

Do you think people still have an interest in blog posts? So much sewing has moved onto instagram and I’ve noticed less people blogging.  I’m starting to miss hearing from some of the makers I follow. I know I like to see more detail behind the making so I’ll keep sharing when I can. I have  something new to show right now!

Burda cape jacket

It’s described as having “..sleeves tucked into an inverted pleat” and has a difficulty rating of expert. Burda magazine is known for it’s minimal(!) instructions, and I don’t always follow them.

This time I wanted to line my jacket and took some photos as I went along to show what I did differently.

I fused strips of interfacing to all the hems and pressed them before assembly…just a habit I have with jackets.

Next I sewed the sleeve pleats :


They got pressed flat, and I stitched through the centre of the pleat, just at the top.


I was going to leave the sleeves unlined,  and hemmed by hand. But I wasn’t happy with how it looked. I removed the hand stitches, added lining – machine sewn to hem allowance (lining was cut shorter than the outer sleeve ) so the sleeve is bagged out similar to the body of a coat.

You can see the difference in the picture : left/before – right/after




Then the sleeve was sewn between the front and side front panels. I used a medium weight crepe and the pleats looked bulky after pressing:


So I trimmed the excess away on the crepe and the sleeve lining:



Below is how it looks with the sleeve caught between the front panels, before being attached to the back panel.

The lining is definitely not matching…but I liked the colours together and prefer not to buy new fabric if I have usable leftovers!


Half way through it started to remind me of a dress-up set I had as a child..


But I love it anyway..! And I still have to make a dress or skirt to wear with it….More to come..😉

Happy new year & a belated merry Cape-mas !!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a restful break over the holidays. It’s all systems normal from tomorrow for us – but it was really nice to have all the extra family time over Christmas.


I had hoped to share pictures of my Purl Soho City Cape before Christmas – but my laptop wasn’t playing along. After seven years it was a little overwhelmed and refused to work!!….I’m glad to say I didn’t lose any of my photos, but I’m still waiting on it to be fully repaired.
In the meantime I’m posting from my phone -so fingers crossed it works:)


City Cape - Free Purl Soho Pattern

I started this in Oct and finished in Dec. (It had to go on hold while I was sewing for the Pattern Review sewing bee.)

The pattern is free from Purl Soho. It’s knit in one piece from the bottom up.


Deciding on collar type

I made a few changes to the original which I’ve detailed below. I wanted the option of a button closure on my cape so I figured it out as I went along. *HOWEVER* If I was to knit this again with the neckline open, I would not do the front neckline increases as written in the pattern as there is quite a big overlap at the collar section. Its not a big deal, but I think it would be a little nicer if the fronts were properly vertical, instead of slanting at the top.


How I made it :

I used 5mm needles (US8) for the entire cape as I wanted it to be smaller than the intended 60″. Mine has a finished circumference of 50″. Length is roughly the same as pattern.( Approx 21 1/2″.)

I followed the pattern as written up to the SHAPE NECKLINE Heading. From here I didn’t bind off the stitches as instructed, but I followed the rest of the row instructions to decrease either side of stitch markers for neckline. After knitting row 6 , I continued in 2×2 rib for 6” then cast off all stitches.

In the photo below, you can see I tested two options for the front bands: a 2×2 knitted rib and a double crochet band.


I settled on the sturdier option of the crochet band. They were done using a 4mm hook and a double crochet stitch (single crochet in US terms) and are 2” wide. I also made buttonholes at the upper part of the band.


I handstitched some grosgrain ribbon to the inside neckline for stability.


And also attached the ribbon to the inside of the front bands.


After a few wears, I decided to add two snaps further down so that it closes completely ( I am always cold!!!) It’s now super comfy and cosy.

And that was my last knit of 2014 ….. I looked over my Ravelry projects for this year and have made more than I thought. Including a chunky sweater that I forgot to blog. So the next post here will be my first knit from 2014….. while I try to decide what my first knit of this new year should be!! Any new pattern suggestions would be very welcome 🙂