Finally Finished – Chunky Cardi

Since I last posted, I did manage to find my needles and finish my Chunky Cardigan …..



So far it has only been worn a couple of times.  It’s cosy, but it feels like the neckline needs a bit more height, or a collar maybe.  I made the sleeves extra long as always, to cover my freakishly long arms! I’ve noticed my long-sleeved tees wear out at the cuffs from my constant tugging at them, so I always make sure to add extra length to any tops.



Extra-long sleeves are my favourite ! 


As far as my knitting goes, I’ve only just started to get a good idea of what I should be making for myself.  I prefer looser styles, and although I have avoided knitting with light weight yarns, I think I would get more wear out of lighter knits that could be layered up. So that’s what I’m going to focus on if I ever get time to knit again!




Blog Hop

A big Thank you to Raphaelle at Deux Sourcieux for the nomination!! –   here’s my contribution to the Blog Hop that has been weaving its way through my blog feed for the past while 🙂


Burda shorts – one of the first items I shared on my blog


Why do I write?

I had been reading and following various sewing and knitting blogs with a few years and would comment occasionally, but didn’t feel like I was fully part of the conversation.  I studied Textiles in college and loved the interaction with other makers, getting inspiration and giving and receiving advice on our various projects.  I don’t live near many people who share the same interest and passion for fashion and textiles so I decided to start this blog as a way to engage with other makers online.  I started with a sock KAl hosted by Kristin in December last year and it all kicked off from there .


First handknitted pair of socks

First handknitted pair of socks!


I also love seeing peoples finished makes, it helps me decide if a garment will look flattering on me. As well as knowing any pitfalls that might arise ( like being warned if a hemline is super short … or way too long.!)  I’ve found blogs to be very useful in helping me make up my mind to tackle a project. Hopefully my blog will be of some help to others too.

But mostly I blog to talk about what I’m making – no one around here wants to listen to me drone on about the amazing details on a dress pattern or the perfect (or not so perfect!) finish to a zipper! Basically all of the things that fellow makers can relate to !


What am I working on?


Right now I’m working on a few things!     Knitting wise I’ve just finished making a Wurm hat for myself using some leftover yarn.

wurm progress pic

Wurm Hat in progress


I’ve been holding off on starting a big knitting project until I find a pattern that I’m sure I will be happy not just knitting, but wearing aswell.  I’ve been too quick in the past to jump into a new knit project without considering if I’ll really like and wear the finished piece.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the lovely finished pictures on ravelry or on blogs. But as luck would have it the new pattern released this week by Purl Soho seems to fit the bill:

It’s the City Cape pattern available for FREE on Ravelry!

City Cape Pattern by Purl Soho

City Cape Pattern by Purl Soho


And sewing-wise I’ve been working on a dress from the September BurdaStyle Magazine : ( I will be blogging more pics soon !)


Side section of my latest Burda make


How does my blog differ from others in its genre?

Ooh tough question! I’m not sure if it differs much.  In terms of blogging , I’m still finding my feet.  I like to post about a mix of crafts – sewing, knitting , machine knitting.  I also hope to share some other textile related items, like manipulating fabric using stitching, dyeing, printing etc.

I’ve been saving a lot of pictures lately of ‘out-of-my-price-range’ fashion that I would love to recreate on a budget.   Like this skirt on net-a-porter that I have been drooling over:


Good use of fabric scraps!

So I think this blog is still evolving, but I have been enjoying it so far and have lots of ideas for where I would like it to go from here


How does my writing  process work?

aaah my process….! I don’t think I have a process yet! I aim to post a few times a month, but I don’t want to set targets just yet. I have so much going on with work and family, that I want my blog to be fun instead of another item on the never-ending to-do list.  So I tend to photograph items as I’m working on them .   I then upload the photos and narrate around them.   Not very innovative I know!! But writing was never my strong point, so I’m hoping that interesting projects will make up for my lack of technichal skill with words!


So all that’s left is for me to pass on the baton…!

Firstly I’d like to nominate the lady behind a great blog I found recently called The Overflowing Stash, written by Pia.  I Love her style, and she has been inspiring me with her skirt block project. Her sewing is beautiful, and I like that she infuses her blog with some runway fashion inspiration Check out her Martin Margiela inspired jacket – so clever:)

Next Helen From Cut it out stitch it up. Her sewing is beautiful, she has amazing patience for pattern matching and she also knits. One of my favourite posts is this great explanation of ‘Bagging out’ or lining a sleevless bodice.

And then also Cheryl from Redknits.  Her blog is a lovely mix of sewing and knitting. Her sock -making skills are unreal!

Ladies ….no pressure if it’s not something you would like to do:)  And readers ( if you’ve gotten this far!) Thanks for stopping by and commenting or pinning or liking or just following along xxxx