Caramel Cardigan

Sunset Posing

I started this Cardigan in April I think… And I finally finished it last weekend when I was nursing a sore back… (Nothing serious just too much running around on my week off work!).

The design was heavily inspired by one I had seen in a shop:

I didn’t have a pattern so I used a similar shaped coatigan to check my finished measurements:

This first sleeve attempt had to be ripped back…

I knitted the sleeves two at a time, to keep the shaping even. Checking them against the grey coatigan.

I only took rough notes as I was working on it in fits and spurts, so I might not be able to recreate it!

Shoulders are a bit wide here (also see 4 stitches at the seams)

It’s made from the bottom up with a seamless body and raglan sleeves, with 4 purl stitches at the seam.

I used short rows to build up the back neck and also to bring the shoulders in towards the neckline. The short rows blended well with the moss stitch.

Shawl collar and raglan seam reduced to 2 stitches

There were 4 stitches at the raglan seams, but after trying it on, I used mattress stitch to close 2 of them up so, that the seam was sturdier and narrower. (The raglan seams could be a bit neater as I think I mixed up a few k2tog with k1sl1psso!).

Reducing raglan seam using mattress stitch

I also added a row of crochet chain across the inside back neck for some extra strength. The front bands were knitted by picking-up stitches along the edges and around the back neck. Short rows and increases shaped the shawl collar.

Love the sleeve length… I like my thumbs to be almost covered!

This next one is for Stephanie! I found a moth wearing colours to match!

Wondering if I should add buttons..

I might add buttons and maybe pockets, but I’ll wear it a while first and see how it feels.

I’ll sign off with a lovely calm picture of a nearby beach cove… I love the evening colours over the sea.

Sunday Cardigans – PetiteKnit pattern

This post contains 2 cardigans for the price of one (It’s a Black Friday special!)

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve finished making something and told myself that I need to make another version. It rarely happens though, instead I get distracted by the next new shiny pattern and forget all about it. Except this time…

Sunday Cardigan – I’m showing off the cuffs here – not just the lovely nail colour!

The picture above is actually the second version I made of the Sunday Cardigan by PetiteKnit. I made my coral one below first, I used a bulky wool and made it close fitting rather than having any extra ease in it.

I love the shaping lines and the doubled-over neckband

I love the shaping on the yoke and pictured a looser, snuggly version, in a longer length. I had a large ball of black acrylic in DK weight and mixed it with a light brown sock yarn to give it a marled effect. I went up a size from the 1st one (maybe 2 sizes actually – I can’t be certain now without counting the stitches!) .

Both cardigans needed a bit of added structure along the front bands. So on the coral one I added a strip of lace binding at the back:

lace binding

And on the longer cardigan, I decided against any closures and handstitched black tape to stabilise the edges which were stretching out.

You can see the before and after below:

Left edge without tape – right after tape was added

I have gotten so much wear out of these, that I might even make another one…… just as soon as the other 40 things on my knitting wish list are done 😉

Marled Sunday Cardigan

Cotton summer scarf

Yep a summer scarf…just because there’s no longer an ‘r’ in the month, it doesn’t mean I can expect to be warm! 


I’ve only ever made baby blankets from cotton yarn and wanted to try out something wearable.

I found the free pattern on Ravelry – its slanted and interesting but not too fiddly.  It’s called Filo Biased scarf

I’d say it would be a good second project for a new knitter – it’s mostly garter stitch (plain knitting) with a few other techniques like increasing/decreasing and yarn-overs added in. 


As often happens, I didn’t follow the pattern exactly  – I gradually made my stripes thicker and added in more of the mesh panels because they were nice and quick to knit!

I bought the cotton in a shop called Sorensen Green in Cork city … my brother said it was my kind of shop and he was right … lots of bits and bobs that I didn’t need, but had to buy! 

I did stop at three balls of cotton though – and told myself I had to use those up before getting more. But of course now I’m sorry I didn’t buy more! Especially since they cost less than €2 per ball.

When I got home, my daughter pointed out the yarn colours matched what I was wearing that day … so at least the scarf was guaranteed to match something in my wardrobe !

Anyone else who matches their shopping to their outfit?

I liked the feel of knitting with cotton and am trying to decide what to make next.

 I also love that I could find a pattern after an impulse buy of yarn. Using the advanced search on Ravelry – by selecting my needle size, yarn amount (metres) and free knitting patterns, I could easily pick a pattern from the filtered options. Perfect solution to my habit of buying yarn without knowing what I’m going to make 🙂

A tale of three hats …

Hats are a great way to use up leftover yarn from jumpers, and to try out new techniques without wasting too much time if you don’t end up liking the final result.



Wurm Hat, made with leftovers from two cardigans.


This is my Wurm Hat – made with a very popular free pattern available on Ravelry.  I used aran yarn, leftover from my Miette Cardigan and my Myrna cardigan.  It has a nice thick band, made in the same way as a folded hem.  The ridges give it plenty of stretch to fit over heavy curls, or to fit different sized heads.  A very easy make that would be great for a quick present.


The next hat was made without any pattern – I made a guess at how many stitches after a quick swatch. Because I was using ribbing, it would be stretchy enough to make up for my lack of prep! I used fisherman’s rib* for about five inches – it’s the nicest squishiest rib – little pockets of air to add warmth to your hat.



I held two shades of grey sock yarns and treated them as one, so it gave a lovely marled grey effect to the hat.

There was a real difference in the warmth of this hat, and I’d recommend using sock yarn or something with wool for hats. The acrylic one above (Wurm Hat) was good to keep out the cold, but a hat with wool will hold in the heat much more effectively, and without being clammy.


I changed to a basket weave pattern and decreased a few stitches for a couple of rounds before gathering all the remaining stitches to close the crown.


lake hat

A seriously glassy lake in Killarney. (My scarf was made on my knitting machine – using black acrylic mixed with a colourful sock yarn)


The photo above was taken on a lovely day in November, I had a little time to kill so I sat by the lake knitting my red jumper.  The stone wall I was sitting on was freezing, so I took my hat off and sat on it instead – It was bizarre how warm it felt, completely insulating me from the cold stone!


The third hat in this tale was also made with the same grey yarns held double –


This was a beret shape – I cast on using a little guesswork again. I then worked it for a few inches, trying it on all the time.


When I reached the crown, I placed markers, roughly dividing the circumference by five, and then decreased at the markers every few rows.  I had every intention of writing the pattern as I was going along, but I just got carried away, with how quickly it was coming together!

If you’ve gotten this far you might want to hear the twist in the tale… ?

The one thing these hats have in common is that I have lost ALL THREE OF THEM!!! Seriously.. no idea where or when.  They all got worn for about three months each, before being abandoned or lost who-knows-where! I hope that someone, somewhere is enjoying them… as for me – I could get ahead of myself and knit some more in time for next winter..!

*Fishermans rib – similar to brioche stitch. For a video and pdf tutorial see newStitchaDay