Crochet…moving past beginner mode

Any crochet fans out there? I learned the basics of crochet in primary school at about 8yrs old. I’ve stuck to rectangles since then..blankets, scarves, bags. Every now and again I thought about making myself something but always picked up knitting instead.


Anyway, not long ago I was in a shop and got talking to another customer who was buying yarn for a crochet project. She told me she never had the patience for knitting and that crochet was so much faster, when compared row-by-row…


That was enough to make me re-consider tackling a crochet pattern! Sometimes you just want a quick make.  I saved a few on ravelry, but nothing grabbed my attention until the Skysail top by Lena Fedotova Pattern page here

It’s a simple shape made in one piece from the neck down. Since it was my first time following a pattern it took a while to get started, but the instructions were written out and had diagrams so it helped with any confusion I was having.


The photo above shows where I started to work on the body after I had skipped the space for the sleeves. This part confused me a little, but it was a matter of just trusting the instructions.


The US crochet terms are different to what I’m used to, but once I kept track it didn’t cause any issue. I did mess up a little at the side seams, caused by tv distraction..but it’s not obvious enough to bother me.

The bright colour choice was inspired by a lovely blog I follow called Yards of Happiness. Dana finishes knits with super – human speed and uses some great colour combinations!


The neckline was too wide open, so I added two more rows to it afterwards and they blended in fine.


If you’ve ever made granny squares, then this is essentially a granny square with some extra details!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and yep it was much faster than knitting😉


I’m on a search for my next crochet make…maybe a simple cardi/jacket.