Christmas Crafting

Its less than 2 weeks to Christmas, and here I am again with no presents made and wondering how I can pull it together in time.!

I am surprised that I’m surprised… Every January I think to myself that I’ll make one gift a month so I can give everyone some hand knitted/sewn/woven/printed loveliness.. But it never happens!

I did however, manage to add to my handmade decorations!

The tree above was made with the help of a small helper, a glue gun and my jar of odd buttons.

The star below was made after I came across a video online, (@bookhou on Instagram). I used 7 a4 sheets of light card and the glue gun again instead of staples.

I had some willow left from making a basket during the summer and I twisted it into a very rough circle to make this wreath and added a few extra bits:

And finally….! my mother mentioned she would like a wreath so today I went to the garden and gathered any flexible branches I could find along with some ivy and any other interesting wildflowers/weeds!

Then some twisting and tieing and it didn’t look too bad:

Natural, biodegradable (and free!) wreath

2 weeks isn’t much time to make gifts in, but I’m pretty sure I’ll manage a few more decorations 😁

9 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting

  1. Chris, Your wreaths are so lovely! Great job. I am quite impressed. It is lovely to see your home decorations, which are so cheerful.

    The bookhou star made me smile, as her studio is in Toronto. Years ago I sought her out when I was on a trip to the Toronto hospital nearby. I have several of her handmade and hand printed pouches/bags. Small world.

    I only have one gift to make on my list (unless I count my mother’s cardigan…oops) and I was thinking that I need to start the gift (mittens) tomorrow, else they won’t get done. I don’t have any energy for more gift-making this year.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks Stephanie, I was finding it difficult to commit to sewing anything, and the decorations were a quick make with an instant result! That’s a lovely coincidence, you having some Bookhou pieces, I love her patched and printed pieces.
      I hope you got the mittens underway! I realised later that I do have one gift made! It’s a casual top that I copied from one I owned, but it doesn’t suit me, and my daughter thought it looked perfect for my mother, so that’s one at least!

  2. Your work is beautiful! I love the wreaths. The simplicity and elegance in them! And the button tree is a great project to do with kids. Lovely work, thanks for sharing.

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