Burda 113/02/20

Anyone remember the Burda Dress I started back in March/April?..

burda 113/02/2020
Burda 2020

I finished it (finally) and got a few pictures last weekend. It’s fine… But I’m a bit meh about it!

Maybe it’s just too much green? I bought that fabric in Hickeys Fabrics for some jeans-type trousers and I think I should have stuck to that plan.

I’ll wait til the summer and try it with a different top/cami underneath or I might dye it!

Also I’m pretty sure it’ll need extra buttons…

Also visible is where I had to piece the left front πŸ˜†
I love how the buttonholes are integrated into the waist seam.

I really like the large pockets and the waist buttons, and I might even make it again if I find the right fabric. Anyway it’s good to finish it and move on.

I’ve had a burst of sewing lately, I got involved in a fabricswap on Instagram that was organised by Gillian from Worthy Design studio and Ann Marie from Craftystudio

I received fabrics and some patterns from 3 lovely ladies and I gave away two pieces of fabric that were sitting unloved. I made a new skirt that I’ll upload soon and I also made a new shirt which is pictured below waiting for buttonholes.


I used McCalls M7575. Its my 2nd time using this pattern – the 1st shirt is made from a white and grey fabric, and even though the colour isn’t great on me, I still wear it to work because I love the fit. (It might go in the dye bucket with the green dress now that I have a replacement!)

Plans for this weekend including hiding from the rain and wind and prepping some patterns for my next burst of sewing. Oh and for anyone interested – I did manage to get in the sea last week for the first time ever in November – not as cold as I expected so I must be acclimatising πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Burda 113/02/20

      • Unfortunately I have been struggling with a severe migraine the last few days so no sewing. I hope to get back to it. I am curious about your shirt pattern and the fit, being a serious shirt lover! And of course I would love to see the skirt you made.

      • Oh sorry to hear that – I feel your pain… I was home for a day last week with a migraine, nothing worse than when the pain lingers 😣. I think the fit is quite good… I’ll hopefully get to wear it this week. I do have pictures of the skirt so I’ll share that next πŸ™‚. I hope this week goes better for you 🀞

      • PS Being so classic, I think the dress is suited to being made in navy blue, or black if that is your preference, if you decide to make another one! I had always thought I might make one in navy blue, but that’s my colour!

  1. I think it’s a great shape but the green is a challenge to match with other things. I think I might try styling it with a layer over the top rather than under. I wonder if a trench coat worn open would work?

  2. Hi, I am in the process of making this one, but for the life of me I can’t understand the pattern pieces. in the magazine, it has instructions (I know, I know) for a complete skirt, plus an over panel. It doesn’t make sense. Can I ask you to explain what you did there? I would have cut piece 25 twice for example, ra or piece 26 once (and not on the fold as instructed). Help! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Nola, I just had a look at the magazine instructions… And I can understand your confusion! It is a wrap front skirt…. Piece 25 is cut once in fabric and joined to piece 30 which is cut in lining. (seam 6).
      Piece 25 includes the facing for the skirt edge. Sew the darts in 25 + 30 and fold Piece 25 along the fold line so that some of 25 and all of 30 become the lining for the right front piece. I hope this helps.

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