Bits and pieces..

I hope all is well in your part of the world… Things are OK for now, but alot can happen in a few weeks and I’m wondering when life will feel predictable again.. I know it never really is! But there would be a comfort in knowing plans could be made and friends could be gathered….. in the meantime we find a distraction….

The best distraction is a bracing swim in open water…!

I’m trying to get as many ‘last’ swims in before the weather changes drastically… Each one gets savoured in case it is the actual last, but maybe I’ll be able to brace the cold for another while!

Otherwise I spend alot of time thinking about making, but not enough time actually making (for myself at least)…

Some things I’m enjoying making – like this teeny tiny Cardigan for a baby gift:

Its the fuss free baby Cardigan (pattern available on Ravelry).

Other items I dread sewing.. (why did I agree to alter a dress?)… I forget how little sewing time there is and then regret using it up doing sewing that’s not for me! 🀣 (update: the dress is done, and gratefully received… and I’ve reminded myself how to say no, and to stop worrying about causing offenceπŸ˜†).

My cardi is getting lots of wear!

I also have a new finished object that’s almost ready to share, it’s a Punch needle picture that I started in March, using leftover yarn. I just need to get a frame to pin it onto, and I can hang it up.

Fluffy detail of the Punch needle picture!

Other than that I hope to get some sewing cut out and some more knitting cast on, in the hope that it’ll kick start my motivation again!

7 thoughts on “Bits and pieces..

  1. I would love to be along that shore. I often take on jobs that make me wonder ‘why?’ When it is all said and done, I am happy with doing the work. I think I would wear the heck out of that cardigan!

  2. The weather is certainly changing to autumn now so enjoy all the swims you can.
    I agree with it not being easy to say no and end up with sewing you feel resentful about. Many friends/acquaintances know I used to sew professionally so it’s not unknown for one to ask if I could ‘just …’ . It still makes me feel guilty saying no. I know that, like your friend, they will be very grateful for the job done but I do occasionally wonder if they would be asking if they were given a realistic quite for the work involved. Stay firm, and see only what you want to.

    • It seemed to change over night… Swimming in the sunshine in Sunday and looking for my scarf today πŸ˜†!
      It’s hard to hold firm and say no in a way that doesn’t offend, and often I say yes quickly – thinking it’s just a quick job! .. But then 3 hours later I’m kicking myself for not remembering why I don’t take sewing on anymore 😁.

  3. Lovely! I am glad you are getting in some swims and completing your punch needle project. I also hope to get some sewing cut out and more knitting cast on (I do have one sweater that I am actively working on, fortunately). Keep on keeping on!

    • I saw your blue gansey is coming along nicely! I hope you’re getting time to unwind and that you’re working from home more than ‘living at work’!
      Now that it’s October, I’m hoping I can still swim a few more times.. I’ve avoided putting on my wetsuit up to now in the hope that I would acclimatise to the cold ❄️!

      • Thanks. πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I have beem continuouy without a break for a couple of weeks. Hopefully better this weekend. Stay well!

        The baby cardi is so sweet!

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