Some knitting, some sewing

How are you? All is well here..for the most part…ups and downs and new normals😆.

I’ve been knitting:

Caramel Cardigan

And I’ve been sewing a little:

I worked in a hotel one summer and this colour always reminds me of the uniform!

But mostly this week I’ve been reading…

Writing doesn’t come naturally to me…essays don’t roll off my keyboard and I’ve always preferred numbers to letters!

There are many makers who I admire and whose writing has struck a chord with me, these posts are just two that I’d encourage you to read:

I’ve followed Dana at Yards of Happiness for a couple of years, she is a fantastic knitter and her use of colour is inspiring. I’ve noticed I knit more when I’m stressed, my worries are small in comparison to others, but knitting helps to distract …

Here Dana explains in her own words why she can’t just knit….

I like to hear about other peoples lives, and how creativity is a part of that life…it’s what drew me to following blogs, and creating my own. The Sewcialist blog shares stories from so many creative people, and this post from Jasika (you can find her blog at ) is a very thought provoking piece:

Slán go fóill x C


9 thoughts on “Some knitting, some sewing

  1. I love the cardigan, I’m not so sure of the dress – not sure why. If you are harking back to a hotel job (that you liked/disliked?) will you wear it? I know I avoided my school uniform colours for decades 😂.

      • We all do this at some point. I’ve made loads of things over the years I decided weren’t quite as expected when I’d finished 🙄

  2. First, your cardigan is very sophisticated! I am very impressed. Beautiful, beautiful job. Second, thank you for introducing me to Dana’s blog. Her knitting is indeed exquisite and her use of colour is wonderful. What a great introduction. I just read Jasika’s post as well and am also impressed. It’s a very well-written essay, making important points. I’m not connnected much to social media at all, but especially in the crafting sphere, so I suppose it is not surprising that I am not seeing these posts. Great links!

    The green dress isn’t grabbing me either, at the moment, but maybe there is a way to rescue it. I made a navy blue A-line linen skirt a few years ago and thought it made me look like a flight attendant. Mysteriously I pulled it out this year and find it exactly suits the kind of wardrobe I want to wear this year – it’s all in the pairing.It feels breezy and light and simple, which is what I want to see. I wonder if maybe you could make a sash or a belt or add some other kind of flourish or colour blocking to give the dress some more oomph. No that I am an expert in oomph but it is a shame to let that great fitting go to waste.

    • Thanks Stephanie, I was determined to not rush to the finish with the cardi and I think it’s paid off!
      I dip in and out of social media, and at the minute my smart phone is broken, but I had been meaning to share more of the blogs I follow, so it seemed like a good time!
      I was so happy when I came across Dana’s blog, I think it was from a post on Fringe Association. It was a relief to find a blogger who uses affordable yarn and not just the pricey ones that seem to feature on alot of popular knitting blogs, it just seemed more accessible to me.
      Jasika is a constant source of inspiration! And will be the reason that I might someday go and find a shoe-making course.
      I agree – the pairing can make all the difference, and maybe the right jewellery/shoes will bring some life into the green dress!

      • Yes, definitely give the dress a shot with some interesting accessories. It looks lovely, in any case. And the cardigan is a wow!

        Really happy to have found these new sources of inspiration!

    • Thank you! I don’t have a pattern… I made some swatches before I started and have used some of the info from the Fringe Association blog. There are some great posts there on an ‘Improv’ sweater.

      • Yes, Karen Templer is awesome! Reading her blog on the improv sweater got me started on knitting a sweater top-down. Bottom-up is easier for me, but I want to learn how to knit a sweater from the top-down, which is something I am currently working on.

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