Making … not sewing

I haven’t been sewing as much as I’d like this last year. My sewing space has moved upstairs and the space isn’t working the way I’d like it to… odd how a change of surroundings can really impact on the flow of making.

But, it has meant that I’ve started to try out a few new crafts that don’t take up too much space downstairs!

I wanted to try making some polymer clay earrings for a while, and over Christmas I watched some tutorials on YouTube and clipped some pictures for inspiration:

clipped inspiration

I bought a few colours and started by rolling out 2 different coloured flat slabs and adding torn pieces, before flattening again with the roller.

Playdoh tools came in useful for this part!
I pierced two holes into each of the flowers so they could be used as buttons

Then I cut out pairs of shapes using little metal shapes that I bought at ‘The Range’ , I made a hole in each piece using a toothpick.

They were baked in the oven and I added earring hooks to some of the hearts.

Happy heart earrings!

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out! Except I only really needed one pair of each colour design! Not sure what I’ll use the other pieces for…next year’s Christmas presents maybe😉.

Oh and the earring storage was made from a charity shop purchase… a letter board turned sideways!

And after!

I’ve made a list of new things I’d like to try out this year, so I can tick polymer clay off of it … and I have been doing some crochet with a plan to teach myself how to follow a written pattern properly.

And in sewing news …. I cut out a dress. It’s from the Feb 2020 Burda:

Dress 113 Burda 02/2020

I’ll update its progress…!

4 thoughts on “Making … not sewing

  1. How nice to be trying new things – and the results are great! I am really impressed by your ear ring stand as I wouldn’t have realised it’s original purpose. How good is that 😊
    It’s my intention to try Tunisian crochet but I haven’t got round to it yet.

    • I was very pleased with myself when It worked for my earrings… I was only planning to drop off a bag of clothes to the charity shop….but I always end up finding something while I’m there!
      I’ve never tried Tunisian crochet… might have to add it to the list!

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