Denim Burda remake : 104 10/2016

I’m taking a break from making Roman blinds for my sister to write this…I generally only do these things for family ! They’re not difficult to make – more boring really, so I’m listening to podcasts (mostly Blindboy – I’d recommend btw – they’re pretty absorbing,  but only if you’re not offended by swearing!), and taking lots too many breaks 🙂

I’d always planned to make another version of this Burda dress, but I didn’t think it’d take 2 years!


I actually made this back in August, but there was something that annoyed me about where the waist hit.  So,the other day, I separated the skirt from the bodice and added a 1″ strip at the waist. I then topstitched it to match the neckline.

Burda 104 10/2016

And it feels so much better. I don’t remember lengthening the bodice in the original, but there was something about the weight of this fabric that just felt better to have the skirt hit my waist a bit lower. ( sorry blurry pic below!)


Because of my fabric width, I had to reduce the pocket flare a little, by folding out a crease on the pattern piece.  Which worked fine, since I didn’t like how far the pockets stuck out on the original pattern.

(Blurry and serious/cranky pose below!)


I left off the sleeves due to fabric shortages, but it’s probably more versatile now.  I’m wearing it with a mustard polo neck, and it also looks grand with a shirt underneath. Since I’m always shivering – I wore it yesterday layered with my handknit cardigan (pattern by Andi Satterlund), and scarf that I bought for peanuts in a charity shop! 


So, sin an scéal! Back to the blinds..


8 thoughts on “Denim Burda remake : 104 10/2016

  1. You look great in that colour combination! Great job! I love the combination of knitted garments with that pretty dress.

    I would have very little patience for the blinds, although similarly I make things I don’t enjoy making, for family, e.g., shawls. I don’t know why, but they are my least favourite thing to knit.

    I was just talking with someone yesterday about who listens to podcasts and I mentioned sewists! Sounds like fun.

  2. Hi
    I love the dress, I dont have much patience for Burda patterns. Having to trace them drives me crazy. Its good to have an Irish blogger, being Irish myself, most people I follow are either American or British. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Hi Sarah 🙋, thanks for reading along. I know what you mean re Irish bloggers, I think people prefer the ease/speed of Instagram maybe!
      I started with Burda when the magazine patterns were less cluttered and easier to trace, and over the years have gotten pretty fast at tracing! It’s the great fit that keeps me using them!

  3. I love that dress – particularly sleeveless. I’m off to check my Burda magazines to see if I have that one.
    The denim\gold colour combination looks gorgeous 😍

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