Carbeth Cardi

Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies 


My knitting has been a bit hit and miss this year. I don’t think I’ve ever undone or unravelled so many things.

A few months back I had filled what I referred to in my head as ‘the basket of shame’!


There was a half finished Carbeth cardigan, a swatch for Kate’s #ezraglankal, some pieces of the fringeassociation KAL, a dolls jumper and a half finished improvised top.

It was really annoying me instead of inspiring me, so I wrote a list of the steps needed to finish each piece. I then made a plan to tick at least one thing off the list each day. (It could be as simple as knitting 5 rows).


It really helped me  – once I could see the bite sized steps, there was a satisfaction in ticking the steps off the list and getting closer to the finish line.

The Carbeth Cardi was one of the first things I finished – I made it using 2 strands of a dk weight acrylic. It’s very green! Not about to blend in easily, and I like it alot more than I thought I would!


I made a few changes… most obvious is the back neck where I added in short rows in garter stitch.


I felt like the wide neck was sitting too low and even if I added the wide collar it would still feel like it was slipping off my shoulders.


After finishing the sleeves I knew there wouldn’t be enough yarn for the collar so I finished off the neckline with a ribbed band and then added grey buttons.


Quite pleased with how it turned out and got to make a dent in the basket! Before I buy yarn for my next Carbeth, I plan to use up more of my yarn that was bought without a plan, so I’m searching on ravelry for quick little projects. All suggestions welcome!

9 thoughts on “Carbeth Cardi

  1. What a cheerful colour, Chris! I have left a lot of projects unfinished this year, too. I get inspired with an idea and then lose interest. I think it’s OK. I know sometimes I knit simply because I enjoy the activity, and I don’t always need an FO.

    I don’t know if you wear mittens at all but I love making cheerful mitts for friends. Sometimes at this time of year I knit a bunch of mittens to give to a church or charity. This year I have a fun pair in the queue for a good friend.

  2. Thanks Stephanie..I’ve only ever made baby mitts – I did save a purl bee mitten pattern saved a while back so I might give those a try!
    I started some things without putting much thought into it, I just wanted something to work on, and they were the ones that I unravelled. Even though I enjoy knitting for its own sake, I like having something to show for the effort too!

  3. It’s always a good feeling when you finish a lurking project – and that one looks lovely.
    Good luck working through your yarn stash. I have the same goal but it isn’t going too well…

  4. I love the colour and the design of the cardigan. I have just finished EZ’s wishbone sweater with (I think) the very same approach to the yoke. On the other hand I have quite a few unfinished projects that I have told myself I will complete over Christmas.

    • You know Kate, I hadn’t realised it…but you’re right it is the same as the wishbone sweater! I needn’t have bought that pattern – if I’d thought to make proper use of the EZ book I bought! Thanks for pointing that out. Christmas can be the perfect time for finishing off knits, I made my first pair of socks over Christmas, in between movies and eating my own weight in chocolate!

  5. Hello! I am knitting this sweater and I like your collar. Would you kindly tell me how many rows of ribbing you have and how you bound off. Your bind off looks very good!
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Sandra – I knit five rows of 2×2 ribbing, then cast off by knitting two stitches loosely and passing the 1st st over the 2nd, knit another stitch and repeated until all the stitches are cast off. Best of luck with yours!

  6. i love this color ,i got 6 diferent projects on going knitting 😬,i need to make sleves for it ,in begining i did that make nine project for the uear 2020,i only started one so far lol ,stay safe ❤

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