Burdastyle Cape Jacket 105 03/2018 (part1)

This jacket really stood out for me when I picked up the March copy of Burdastyle magazine. I don’t buy every issue as I’ve collected so many over the years and I’ll never get through all of them.

Do you think people still have an interest in blog posts? So much sewing has moved onto instagram and I’ve noticed less people blogging.ย  I’m starting to miss hearing from some of the makers I follow. I know I like to see more detail behind the making so I’ll keep sharing when I can. I haveย  something new to show right now!

Burda cape jacket

It’s described as having “..sleeves tucked into an inverted pleat” and has a difficulty rating of expert. Burda magazine is known for it’s minimal(!) instructions, and I don’t always follow them.

This time I wanted to line my jacket and took some photos as I went along to show what I did differently.

I fused strips of interfacing to all the hems and pressed them before assembly…just a habit I have with jackets.

Next I sewed the sleeve pleats :


They got pressed flat, and I stitched through the centre of the pleat, just at the top.


I was going to leave the sleeves unlined,ย  and hemmed by hand. But I wasn’t happy with how it looked. I removed the hand stitches, added lining – machine sewn to hem allowance (lining was cut shorter than the outer sleeve ) so the sleeve is bagged out similar to the body of a coat.

You can see the difference in the picture : left/before – right/after




Then the sleeve was sewn between the front and side front panels. I used a medium weight crepe and the pleats looked bulky after pressing:


So I trimmed the excess away on the crepe and the sleeve lining:



Below is how it looks with the sleeve caught between the front panels, before being attached to the back panel.

The lining is definitely not matching…but I liked the colours together and prefer not to buy new fabric if I have usable leftovers!


Half way through it started to remind me of a dress-up set I had as a child..


But I love it anyway..! And I still have to make a dress or skirt to wear with it….More to come..๐Ÿ˜‰

18 thoughts on “Burdastyle Cape Jacket 105 03/2018 (part1)

  1. Cool make, Chris. I will have to look at this post more carefully when I get home as I also thought it was a neat look.

    While I understand why people have moved to Instagram, it doesn’t feel like me so I don’t use it. I love reading blog posts.

  2. Looks interesting! Thanks for posting all the details; I love that sort of thing.

    Personally I donโ€™t get Instagram at all and shall carry on blogging and reading blogs. I agree there seem to be fewer about these days…

  3. I don’t ‘get’ Instagram at all really but I think, if my kids were still young and/or if I was working full time, it would be quicker. I like writing so blogging is my thing and I like reading more than just a rushed snippet of information so, as I already find the internet a time swallower, I’m sticking to blogs.
    Your photo of the little nurse’s uniform made me smile and feel a bit nostalgic ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hello Chris,
    Great to see a post from you come through. I love the colour of the lining that you have chosen against the main body fabric.

    I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging mainly because I don’t seem to be doing much at the moment!
    But I still enjoying catching up on the blogs that I follow
    I have never looked at Instagram. I didn’t get into it as I find the internet takes up a lot of time and I didn’t want to add another platform that I needed to look at….

    • Hi Helen ๐Ÿ–‘.I’m hoping to make a dress to wear underneath and it has both colours in it so I think it’ll work well.
      I know you had a lot of disruption work wise, so I hope everything is going ok?. I’ve been attempting to get back to full time work, but it’s a challenge to get something long-term. In the meantime I’m sewing as much as I can!
      I gave up Facebook in October, and have only recently started looking at Instagram. It’s useful but like everything online, it can be very distracting!

  5. I just LOVE this pattern too and itโ€™ll move everything down my queue once I find the specific fabric Iโ€™m looking for. In the meantime Iโ€™ll wait with baited breath for more news and tips about your version.

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  7. I love reading blog posts – but I’m really bad at keeping my blog current at the moment. My sewing mojo is missing so maybe when that’s back I’ll be better.
    Your cape/jacket looks good. Very neat style.
    P.S. I had that dress up set too ๐Ÿ˜‚.

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