Quick Tip – Button sewing

I hope 2018 has started off smoothly for you? Luckily I didn’t blog about any new years resolutions or I would have to go back to delete that post!

It’s been a while… Blogging was abandoned while annoying distractions like work got in the way… So to ease back into 2018, here’s one I made earlier 😉

A little thing that catches my eye is when buttons are stitched on so firmly that they pucker the garment.  If the button is sewn on too tightly, there isn’t any space for the layer with the buttonhole to fit.


Ideally with a flat button, you should leave some room between the button and the button band, so that the buttonhole layer fits nicely, and doesn’t look either squished or too loose.  The amount of space depends on the thickness of the layer on top.



Which brings me to my old black cardi… I’ve been working my way through some alterations – after having a big clean out of clutter.  I had bundles of clothes given to me by family members to re-use, along with bags of fabrics – mostly curtain remnants.  I sent the bulk of it to recycling – and I was left with just one box of clothes that were worth altering, and one box of clothes that I might re-use at some point.  All the extra stuff had just gathered over the years and was getting in the way. Now I can finally see all the pieces that I actually want to use!

One item for a quick fix was a cropped black cardi that was missing some buttons.  I found 6 buttons that were almost exactly the same …sometimes close enough is good enough!




I used a hairslide under the button to give a little breathing room:


Stitched through a couple of times


Then removed the slide, brought the thread up between the button and fabric and wound it around 4-5times, then brought the thread to the back and knotted it off. Job done!


I’ll keep dipping into that box of alterations, and hopefully it won’t start to grow into multiple boxes again!

10 thoughts on “Quick Tip – Button sewing

  1. Loved your line about the resolutions but then I am shameless about abandoning mine! 😉 Love your blogging.

    I also do this with buttons (the wrapping below bit to leave space). That said I didn’t know what you meant about the hair slide as we call those bobby pins! Good idea.

  2. I usually try and wrap the thread around underneath the button to try to make it stand away from the garment, I know you should use something to help with this but never bother but a hair grip is a really good thing to use. I’ll try and remember this one for future.

  3. I recall a needlework lesson way back in the,early 1970’s when we were all made to sew a button and use matchstick to make the spacer. The lesson was hated at the time but I mentally thank Mrs Frostick occasionally as my buttons are sewn on – with cloth space of course!

  4. A bobby pin is such a good idea for sewing buttons! I usually try to use whatever thick needle I have on hand, which slides around in a most awkward fashion. Though to be honest, I sew most buttons on with my machine now. It’s so much quicker, and you can always finish the shank afterwards if you desire.

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