How to shorten a jacket cuff…by not shortening a jacket cuff!

I try to avoid most alterations, they can become more than you bargained for – see Mrs Mole’s blog if you need to understand why!  But sometimes I will repay a favour to a friend, which is how this came my way.
 I needed to shorten a child’s suit jacket sleeve (image below).  It has three buttons and buttonholes, and was needed quickly.

But rather than mess with those buttons and hem corners, I took off the sleeves, and cut the extra length from the top.

I traced the new seamline with thread and checked the fit and new length.  Then it was just a quick trim before fitting it back into the armhole.

This could also be done with a mans suit , depending on how much needs to be shortened. Look out for a very tapered sleeve as if you move down too far you might not have enough width to fill the armhole!  Always a good idea to thread trace and check fit first πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “How to shorten a jacket cuff…by not shortening a jacket cuff!

  1. Great job! Looks much nicer doing it that way than trying to do the cuff. Also, if it is too wide to fit the armhole when you shorten, you can just take in the sleeve seem gradually tapering it. Great idea.

    • Thanks – Much less hassle this way! Although if the sleeve is tapered then the sleeve cap circumference is more likely to get too small, than too wide for the armhole , but sometimes you can tweak the armhole πŸ™‚

  2. Take care just removing how much you want to shorten all over the sleeve head. If you don’t follow the original shape you risk having a very narrow and binding top to the sleeve (Ask me how I know…)

  3. Thankfully I rarely have to do anything but bridal and as we know…they don’t have sleeves! Great job and I agree with Kim about the sleeves getting narrower the further down you go.

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