Burda Shift dress #107 09/2012


This dress is more of a remake than a new make….. Whenever I go clothes shopping, I always check out the sale rack for any gems.  The black and white fabric design  really caught my eye – it’s a thick knit, similar to a pointe or double knit fabric.  It was a large size for a very small price! So I picked it up in the hope that it would be useful for cutting up.

I cut the original apart at the seams ( It was a plain shift shape with bust darts). I left the dress intact at the shoulders so that I could use the original neckline. After pressing, I pinned my pattern pieces with the shoulders sewing line aligning with the dress shoulders and then cut it out.




I used a Burda pattern to make this: Shift dress 107

The pattern matching at the back  is atrocious ! but that’s the original centre back seam, including the zipper, so I’ll just have to get over it!   I also kept the original sleeves and just re-cut the sleeve heads as per the burda pattern.




The dress has a lovely relaxed fit , without being too baggy.   The shaped darts are very flattering – but difficult to make out in this fabric (I’ve outlined a dart in red below)



I have worn this dress so much already – it looks great with thick tights and boots and I really want to make another one (or two!).But, I’m having trouble tracking down similar fabric – does anyone have suggestions or links to a good source of thick (preferably patterned) knit fabric. I’ve found lots of plain pointe, or else more black and white sweatshirt weight fabric, but nothing suitable yet, so any help appreciated 🙂

Till next time 🙂




11 thoughts on “Burda Shift dress #107 09/2012

  1. Love! In fact I would love to have a dress exactly like this, as I love the style, cut and length. For fabric Emmaonesock in the US probably would have something as she carries a lot of prints, but you want something local!

    • Thank you:) Hopefully I’ll come across some suitable fabric. Something local Ireland or UK would be easiest alright. I’ve come across a few possibilities on ebay. There’s a lot of nicely patterned scuba, which would work well with this pattern -but I’ve never been too keen on the feel of it!

  2. I love the idea of taking apart a store-bought dress to sew with! I often keep my eyes out at the op shops for cotton/lycra tees to make knickers with, but as I am a tall person finding clothes that are large enough to salvage yardage from proves difficult. No idea for your fabric woes, unfortunately – I’ve been trying to hunt down good quality ponte for a long while now and had no luck. RTW does much better in this regard I feel.

  3. Dress fabrics.ie, the fabric counter in Smithfield or the fabric shop in Harold’s Cross (Dublin but also online) may have some good options. Dress fabrics tends to have the better quality. The cloth shop in Dublin sometimes has some nice heavy Liberty jerseys.

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