Shirt success – Simplicity 8014

This shirt-dress is one of those makes that as soon as you finish, you start planning the next version.  I made it in fits and bursts over the last two weeks, and wore for the day on Sunday. It was really comfortable, but felt and looked like I’d made a bit of an effort!




To start with – here’s a picture of it worn with a belt and accessorised with  a cat….



The pattern is Simplicity 8014 – I made very few changes – just adding my usual 1cm to the shoulder at the armhole edge to straighten the slope. I didn’t move the armhole up, and it doesn’t affect the fit – it probably made inserting the sleeve easier as there wasn’t much need for easing in the sleeve cap.



View D


It’s made from a soft cotton with a pale vertical stripe – not as obvious in the pictures as in real life.  I cut a size 10 in the bodice which I tapered out to a size 12 at the hips – which I always think is pretty useless information, unless you know what size body it was made to fit !!! So, in the hope of it being useful to someone else – my body measurements are approx 33 -28 -38!. The fit has just the right amount of wearing ease – not too much extra fabric around the waist, so it sits nicely with a belt.



sideview ….with bonus cat-



I cut out the self fabric belt and didn’t sew it at first, but after seeing the pictures, decided it’d be good to have the option of the matching belt, and then I managed to find a leftover piece of fabric big enough to make a pocket, and attached that as well.



The sun has washed my skin out so much that it looks like I’m about to blend into the wall!


I did try wearing it without the belt – I liked the loose fit (and really love those pockets!) – but my daughter thought the combination of the pale blue colour and shape, made it look like a night-shirt!


wandering around in a nightie…as you do…:)

It was great to get such a wearable result without the effort of a muslin – I’m honestly too impatient to make one, unless the pattern pieces are very complicated – it’s just easier to measure the paper pieces and compare the shape to patterns that I’ve already made.

I had also planned to get some pictures of my finally finished burda dress while the weather was so nice, but I ran out of chocolate to bribe the little photographer -” ah no, do I really have to take more pictures?” (… said with an eyebrow in the air and a look of misery!) … they were getting more crooked and out of focus with every minute that passed , so I quit while we were ahead 🙂

12 thoughts on “Shirt success – Simplicity 8014

  1. I love your dress, with or without the belt, but the bonus cat really makes it :). I bought the pattern, but hesitated to make it when I saw the version with the waist and flared skirt. Too much fitting angst on that version. But your version of view D looks perfect. I’ll have to give it a go!

  2. Yes, I agree – love love love, with or without the belt. I love the photos, too. It’s nice to see you as well as the clothes and the last shot is so pretty with your hair extending out back. Pretty fabric, too. Success! And do congratulate the photographer! Something I discovered very recently is that that long short sleeve length really works on me. Not sure why – maybe because it ends below the bust line. It looks great here.

    I agree with you about including measurements. One thing I love about Brooklyn Tweed patterns for knitting is the way that they tell you what size the model is wearing and what the intended ease is. Details like that can be so helpful when trying to decide on a size.

  3. Thanks for the lovely compliments – the sunglasses pic looks way more sombre than I am….that last photo looks the most like normal me…windswept hair even on a calm day!
    I think the sleeve lengths work well with the scale of my long arms 🙂 I love knowing the size of a garment/person wearing as it takes some of the guesswork out of starting a pattern.
    Looking forward to seeing your safari suit, it’s off to a great start!

    • Aww thanks. This is really a lovely dress. It is something I would love to make for next summer. Your sewing tips are helpful, too. Glad to hear that you are not sombre, although I never had that impression! 🙂

  4. I really like this pattern, especially the hem shaping. I like it with or without the belt. It looks like a really versatile dress. I’m just working on a denim shirt dress at the moment and have just realised that I should have tapered out to a wider hip …or bothered to read the full set of body measurements rather than just following the bust…. I’m just trying to decide if I can get away with taking tiny seam allowances or if I need to add a piece on at each side seam.

    • I would normally just follow the bust measurements too – I never add anything at the hips to patterns (usually just the waist) but it just looked a little narrower than I expected. You could always make a feature of the panels at the sides if they’re needed – making them triangular shaped or cut on the crossgrain/bias if the fabric pattern would work that way.

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