Quick Christmas Gifts to make



It’s late enough in December that any notion I had of sewing or knitting great gifts can be forgotten! With that in my mind I’ve been looking for some fast and effective handmade gift ideas.

I’ve been collecting old coffee tins with the plan to eventually do something with them. These covered tins are a great way to use up interesting fabric leftovers.


What you need:

  • Fabric Scraps
  • Washed Tins
  • Glue gun (or craft glue)
  • optional – interfacing and sharp knife


I began by interfacing the pink fabric as it was a little light and cutting a rectangle slightly larger than the surface of the tin.

I pressed the bottom edge and one side edge with an iron. Then wrapped it around the tin and glued the bottom edge in place :




After gluing the back seam and the top edge, I cut off the extra fabric using a sharp blade



For the floral and the green tin, I folded top and bottom edges of the fabric before gluing in place:

And there you have it – a  quick and easy Gift !

Ps.- if you’d like to make some quick Christmas star decorations, have a look at the ones I made last year

star 1

Cardboard Star Decorations


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