Covering buttons – a diy solution


Apparently necessity is the mother of invention.  Well I needed two satin covered buttons and quickly. My solution is not something I’d recommend – unless there’s no time for a better option!


I was putting the finishing touches on a friends jacket, and we hadn’t bought any self-cover buttons, because I was certain that I already had some………… Nope.

But I did have some flat metal buttons with a small shank.  The buttons are purely for decoration, and as they won’t be handled much, I came up with a quick fix.  (This is about as far from a couture method as you can get!)

I cut circles from the satin (slightly larger than the buttons),  and gathered them around the buttons ;





Then I cut two more circles slightly smaller than the buttons.



I used a lighter to seal the raw edges – this only works with synthetic fabrics.   Then I cut a small slit in the centre, and these were placed over the backs, like so-



A glue gun was used to attach them.



I then stitched them to the organza jacket, with a small square of organza inside the jacket as reinforcement for the light fabric.


Here’s what the jacket looked like finished – it’s almost impossible to photograph because of the transparency!  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stop and get in-progress photos.  It was an interesting project, using a mix of bound and French seams.
*** If you want to have some buttons covered properly, have a look at the beautiful ones Helen used on her last dress ***



10 thoughts on “Covering buttons – a diy solution

  1. Great – I probably wouldn’t have thought of covering the backs too, It really finishes them off.
    The jacket looks fab – was it for a special occasion?

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