B6168 Dress – pictures & final details

This is the Butterick 6168 dress by Lisette that I made at the start of the summer……little did I know it was also the middle and end of the summer! Ah well it was nice to see the sun for a short while!!


I cut the skirt a size smaller than the bodice to reduce the fullness of the gathered front.


The sleeves could do with being a little looser, and I hand tacked the front wrap to stop it gaping and help it to sit flat.
Otherwise, very few changes.


Colour is a little off! Red is so hard to photograph!

I added lining to my version. The bodice and sleeves are flatined.


The skirt lining is caught with the dress at the centre back seam and the waist.

The zipper is invisible and the seam is bound with a strip of the dress fabric.



So all said, it’s a nice summer dress that looks good with flats or heels. I’m just hoping that the sun comes back out so that I can wear it again soon!

12 thoughts on “B6168 Dress – pictures & final details

    • Thanks Helen, it wasn’t planned to be honest!… I didn’t have matching overlocker thread and I thought the binding would look better than the lighter thread I used on the sides and sleeve seams 🙂

  1. Wow I love this, and your finish is beautifully done inside and out. It looks wonderful on you – I love red and that shade suits you perfectly.

    I have had a lot of gaping problems with wraps, I found cutting out about an inch along the wrap line in a v shape and bringing the pieces together before I cut out seemed to work – no more gaps.

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