Essential Fall Pullover continued


Work on my jumper is continuing – I decided to forge ahead with the front piece. I’m going to leave the blue side panels as they were. As said in some comments, the side panels are not very obvious, and will look quite nice with jeans. The design by crowd sourcing (as Kate referred to in her post Fabrickated ) is very useful and way more helpful than talking to myself!

Here’s how it looks at present –


The pieces are seamed together and the next thing to do is to pick up stitches around the neck to knit the neckband.


I have added some light grey stitching over the darker section, to break up the large colour block, and will also add some more blue. Before and after can be seen below –


I’m using duplicate stitch to scatter the colours on the front panel. There’s a good explanation of the stitch hereThe Purlbee

Not much left to finish!


8 thoughts on “Essential Fall Pullover continued

  1. Love this! Great colour palette and interesting panel. You’re making me want to get to my fall knitting, although I still have a number of summer projects in the queue. Thanks for the information about duplicate stitch, too – I’ve read about using this but have never tried it. Don’t you love the last stretch of a knitting project? I always get so excited during the final stages of knitting the collar, etc., anticipating the first try-on and wear.

    • I do absolutely love the last few stitches – I tend to slow down and savour this part! Thank you for the lovely compliment on my knitting – although my intarsia is a hot mess in comparison to your beautiful Schiaparelli sweater! I’m looking forward to seeing how your Valentino inspired knit turns out 🙂

      • Not at all – this looks great. I am excited to see how the Valentino-inspired one turns out, too. I keep on changing my mind on the design but I was scoping out yarn today. 🙂

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