On my needles…. Essential Fall Pullover

In between sewing, I’m currently knitting a variation of this pattern which can be found for free on the Lion Brand yarn site –  The Essential Fall Pullover by Mari Lynn Patrick


I took a while, looking through ravelry, before deciding on this. I have been known to cast on a new project too quickly, without thinking enough about the style and fit of the piece.

So before starting this pattern I had a look at the rtw jumpers that I reach for time and again. They are all a little oversized or a loose fit. I like to layer up in the winter and close fitting knits just make me feel a bit cooped up.

I also wanted to use up the many leftover balls of yarn had. I thought the above pattern would be a good canvas to mix and match colours.  Something (loosely ) inspired by these pictures screenshot to my phone.


I knitted the back panel in a mid grey and the side pieces in a speckled blue – and then the Raglan sleeves in a grey blue.


The ribbed band is in the same grey as the back panel –


Then I started on the front panel. I used the same grey for the ribbing and mixed grey and charcoal and a little bit of blue (barely visible in picture) throughout.  I’ve been making it up as I go…..


It’s mainly intarsia – where you use a different ball of yarn for each colour section, held at the back of the work. I wrap the yarns around each other every time I swap colours to avoid any gaps.


I’m taking a short break while I decide where to go next with it….

I really like how the front is looking – but after seeing it all together, the blue side panels are not quite right.


I either need to add more blue to the front (I can add it by stitching it over the grey) or just give in and redo the side panels. I really shouldn’t have seamed the pieces together so early as it’ll mean unpicking those seams first.

In reality I know the better option is to change the side panels…  But I’ll think about it a bit longer 🙂

10 thoughts on “On my needles…. Essential Fall Pullover

  1. I know what you mean about the side panels sticking out a little bit, but I am not sure it will matter when it is on, probably with jeans? I love what you are doing by the way – your inspiration and your technical skills. You really are the blogger that makes me want to knit. But I think it is too slow, and I am not very good at it.

    • You’re right, it probably won’t matter too much when it’s on. I also don’t want to buy more yarn, when the idea was to use up some of what I have! I’m glad you find it inspiring – it seems slow, but I can finish a jumper in three to four weeks. I knit while watching TV, waiting in the car or as a passenger in the car. So it gets done without really scheduling it!

  2. I too think the side panels may well be fine, particularly with jeans. If not you could then embellish the front a little with blue. Mind, I also agree pausing for a good think is definitely the best course of action. Great way to use up odds and ends 🙂

  3. Looks like you’re having fun there! I’ve just started a jumper for my husband from the new Rowan Magazine. I have made a start on the sleeve, which I will use as my tension square too!



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