Burda Challenge 2015 (April)

The Burda Challenge 2015  entails making something from each months issue of Burdastyle Magazine and then sharing it online.  These are the Culottes from the illustrated sewing section in the April issue of Burdastyle –   a little late to the blog!




Although people’s opinions vary on whether they really are culottes, or if they are (as said by a friend ) “just really wide pants”?

I think I’d like them better if they were more like a skirt around the legs.  As they are now, they look quite straight. Although they are very similar to this example of culottes found on ASOS:





They have pleats at the waist,  which I ended up stitching down by a few inches




But even so they still stick out a little – I used a suiting weight fabric, a lighter fabric would drape better.



They are a little high-waisted too, so look best with a cropped top. High heels are a definite too.  With flat sandals they just looked disastrous ( see ASOS example above!).  When hemming these, I pinned them to be parallel to the ground as due to the width they looked to dip lower at the inner legs.

They were a straightforward make and the instructions are very clear. If I was to make these again I’d go for a fabric with more drape and add some width from the hips down.


A list of blogs participating in the Burda Challenge 2015 can be found  here:

burdachallenge pic

10 thoughts on “Burda Challenge 2015 (April)

  1. Definitely Culottes, if you ask me! Really cute, and they work well as you’re wearing them, with heels and the cropped top. I’ve considered making them, but haven’t yet found the right pattern. I’ll have to take a look at that one.

  2. I like how you have styled these Chris. The pleats are great, and I love your shoes. I prefer to think of these as culottes rather than short, wide pants, but that is just me. Culottes sound French and elegant!

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