Lisette dress continued

Hi there πŸ™‚ Sewing for myself has taken a backseat lately… We’ve been lucky with the weather here the last few weeks. Irish summers are always unpredictable, so if the sun comes out then I rush to the beach. Blogging has taken an even bigger back seat!


At last posting my front bodice was almost complete –


The bodice is sandwiched between the waist and waist lining, which encloses the bodice lower edge –



The sewalong instructions show the back neckline finished with bias tape.
I used my lining pieces instead.

I caught the shoulder seams between the bodice back and the bodice back lining – and stitched across the neckline and shoulder in one go…..


Which looks quite neat after turning and pressing


I then tacked the bodice lining to the back bodice and treated it as a single piece from there on.

The sleeves were hemmed by stitching to the lining with right sides together –


Then pressing seams towards lining and understitching. I pinned in the zip and the sleeve and side seams were then pinned to the bodice to check the fit.


Before sewing and overlocking raw edges-


After that it was a matter of seaming the skirt and skirt lining, before attaching to the bodice, photos of which I’ll share soon :-)…. depending on the weather!


7 thoughts on “Lisette dress continued

  1. It looks just great Chris. In the photograph you almost appear to have wings. I agree that an event is just the job for forcing you to finish a project. Looking forward to seeing some more notes on the construction, which is very professional. Well done.

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I had originally started it for a family party, and when that deadline passed, I lost interest. So I’m glad to have gotten a kick to finish it! I hadn’t noticed the wings!!

  2. What a gorgeous dress, I like the details you have used! I am using this pattern as the basis for a Vintage adaptation so it has been great to take a peek at yours. I was hoping to spend some time on my toile this weekend, but good weather is so difficult to miss!

    Enjoy your weekend x

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