Feb Burdastyle… (again?)

Hi there, I know it’s May, (the weeks have flown by!)  but somehow I’m still stuck on my skirt from February’s Burdastyle!  I didn’t find anything I liked in the March issue,  but I have made culottes from the April issue, which should show up here soon…

In the meantime – I’m finally finished with my blue wrap skirt.


Ta da!

I machine embroidered some leftover fabric and then cut out the pockets.


Embroidery in progress

My Pfaff is about nine years old, but it’s working fine. The only issue is the software is outdated and only works on an old desktop running Windows 2000 or xp ( forgotten which one?). This means waiting a looooong while for the computer to sluggishly boot – normally time to make a cuppa.!


I rarely use my embroidery machine for clothing – it’s normally used for gifts or interior sewing.  I’m always conscious that it could look like I made the garment from an old tablecloth!!

But I didn’t think it could make the skirt any worse, so what the heck.


Positioning the pockets

The pockets are topstitched in place:


Now that I’ve added some colour to the skirt it’s much nicer to wear,  and easier to match with other clothes. Definitely an improvement!

Next up are some culottes – they’ve gotten some bemused looks around here, but I’m kind of pleased with them. Once I get a picture,  you can make up your own mind….!


8 thoughts on “Feb Burdastyle… (again?)

  1. I would not have thought of machine embroidered pockets but then my machine won’t do stuff like that. My own experiments with machine embroidery are much more free form…. However I think this has been a successful outcome (although I also liked the skirt plain).

    Eagerly awaiting those culottes…

  2. The pockets are amazing. I’ve never used the embroidery capabilities of my machine but this looks so beautiful, I just might have to!

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