Textured top – Feb Burdastyle 02/2015


I put my blue skirt aside to work on a quick make – again from the February Burdastyle Magazine – it’s the cropped top style 127



Cropped top… No thanks…. I’d freeze! The sun might have appeared the last few days… but it’s still an Irish spring! So I lengthened mine – 4cm above the dart and another 7cm onto the hem.


I had traced this at the same time as my blue skirt. (… Which btw I have started to like again – pockets are in progress).

I used french seams on the sides and shoulders. And then overlocked and turned back the armhole seam.


I bound the neckline and continued it into a button loop at the back neck:


I quite like the shaped armhole seam, which I topstitched down-


I used a lightweight fabric that isn’t very drapey – not surprising since this isn’t apparel fabric! It’s cut from a curtain voile remnant.
I thought it was sticking out too much at the back, so instead of closing the centre back, I added a thread chain and two buttons –



I’m wearing it with along sleeve top underneath, but it looks quite nice on it’s own too…. when it’s warmer maybe!

20 thoughts on “Textured top – Feb Burdastyle 02/2015

  1. This looks really classy – using an unusual fabric has really helped make this top much nicer than the Burda picture which is neither one thing nor another, in my view. And I really like the styling – great necklace and shades of black and grey. Very fetching – nicely done.

  2. Hi! I bought this top ages ago, and now have some leftover fabric that would be perfect for this. Only thing, the pdf pattern I bought is ‘petite’, is that the case for you version too? I might want to lengthen the top as well than. I don’t mind it being cropped, but I’m not ‘petite’ as well ;). Would you recommend lengthening it above the dart or at the hem if it’s just a little less cropped I want rather than the both like you did to make it a full length top like you did? Or both and do a little at both places? I know it’s ages ago, but maybe you have an idea ;). And if I would make it longer by dropping the hem, how do you work around the dart? TIA!

    • Hi Merel, yes the magazine pattern is petite sizing, which is why I added some length above the dart, otherwise the dart might sit too high on the bust. If you want to keep yours cropped then I think only adding a little length above the dart should be enough. You could trace the front pattern piece onto paper and fold in the darts to see how it looks and to give you an idea of how much length to add. It compare it to a pattern piece of a top that fits. Hope that helps 😁

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m am going to add a few cm above the dart as you mentioned and than do a toile like you suggested.

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