Feb Burdastyle : skirt 109 continued…

Thanks everyone for all your helpful comments on my last post. My posed photo didn’t show enough detail so I’m posting some extra skirt photos that I took on my dressform.


A little note if you plan to make this – I really think it benefits from the belt loops:


It has been very comfortable to wear in comparison to another wrap skirt I own. With the other skirt, I’ve had the problem of the tie-belt slipping above the waistband every time I sat down. Whereas it stays put on this skirt thanks to the loops.


As mentioned in some comments (and I agree), it needs to be styled differently and worn with a more fitted top. I also plan to attach the pockets ( and maybe add some colour with embroidery?) But in the meantime here’s how it looks – Back view first:


Below you can see that the back pleat is stitched closed at the top half of the skirt:


The faux wrap portion of the skirt :


And here it is opened back:


So there you go, hope that gives a clearer idea of how this looks made up! till next time xx

4 thoughts on “Feb Burdastyle : skirt 109 continued…

  1. I agree with Chris. It is much prettier close up – the shade of blue, the lovely work you have done on it. I would just wear it – maybe with a more zingy top such as red stripes or a floral.

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