Feb Burda challenge skirt

Hi there! Just as Feb ends I’m finally posting my finished skirt…


It’s been finished with a while, but I’m a bit meh about it to be honest.
First the good – I love the wrap style (faux wrap in honesty). It fits well and I can see myself making one in a different fabric and slightly shorter.

The back has a lovely fit…sorry forgot to snap a picture! The back pleat gets stitched closed halfway down so it’s a flattering shape.

But between the light blue colour and the front pleat it just makes me think of a uniform skirt….



See what I mean? !!

I think I’ll add the pockets and shorten it a little before I decide whether to send it to the thrift shop!

14 thoughts on “Feb Burda challenge skirt

  1. I was wondering why you were feeling ‘meh’ and thinking it was a lovely skirt and a really pretty colour, until you showed the uniform pictures. Once I’d seen these and got the idea it was uniform in my head, I’m afraid it did look like uniform. I think making it shorter will make the world of difference, so yes, go for that. What about also thinking about what else you’re wearing with it. I’m the last to give fashion advice, but I’m imagining it with high heels – and already to me it’s not uniform any more. Ok maybe you don’t wear heels – I don’t. But if you play about with tops and accessories, I’m sure it will become the basis of a great outfit or two.

    • Thanks Bekki – it does look better with heels and a more fitted top, but I’m more likely to wear flats or boots. I can imagine wearing it in the summer with a fitted vest and strappy sandals. But it definitely needs the pockets to stop me picturing my old school uniform!

  2. My first impression was quite positive too. But now I think it is a little boring. You don’t really get the impression of wrap from the photograph either. But a little shorter, perhaps with a chambray blouse, and tan accessories would look completely different.

    • Thanks Kate – Yes I agree it looks boring. Initially I was happy because of the fit,especially after adding belt loops – it really holds the ties in place. Once I’d worn it, I felt it looked bland. I think it can be saved though.

  3. Maybe if you added the ties (I think there is a variation with ties, isn’t there) it would look a bit different. Plus a fitted top and I think you are good to go.
    I would love to see more pictures once you have decided what to do as the skirt is on my maybe-list πŸ™‚

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