In progress – Feb Burdastyle Skirt

I made a start on my wrap skirt yesterday, either side of watching the second episode of The Great British Sewing Bee. The challenges were all based around childrenswear which a few of the contestants had never sewn. The Elephant costume was a well deserved winner for garment of the week. It was a pity to see Alex leave – I had picked another person as being likely to go. Sewing while under pressure is no easy task !! I also thought Lorna should have come first instead of second for the waistcoat challenge!!


Wrap skirt front view

I love seeing sewing on Tv, it’s bringing sewing to a whole generation that was never taught. ( I was one of only 2 girls in my entire year at school, who knew how to sew). But I do feel bad for the time pressures put on contestants –  It doesn’t make sewing seem like the relaxing and rewarding pastime it can be. 

But back to my skirt! –


Front right

I overlocked the split, and folded back the least amount I could. Then top stitched in place:


I prefer a shaped waistband, so after cutting the strips as instructed, I marked where the waistband lined up with the skirt darts:


Folded the band at that point ( marked with yellow pin)


Then marked and stitched a small dart:


I snipped the dart at the center to balance it out before pressing:



Waistband with shaping

I added belt loops to keep the waist ties in place – they are trapped between the waistband and skirt:


They are left free at the top for now:


But once the side seams have been stitched on the waistband, I will top stitch the loops across the top.

6 thoughts on “In progress – Feb Burdastyle Skirt

  1. Lovely colour for the skirt. Looking forward to the finished item.
    I’m going to catch up with last night’s sewing bee this evening – I shouldn’t have read your first paragraph!

  2. I agree with Helen the skirts a lovely colour and it looks like you’re going great guns with it. Agree too with your comments about Sewing Bee. I very much enjoyed it, but also feel it’s a shame that the time pressure is so hard on them. I’d have loved to have seen what they could have done with more time – especially Alex, she seemed such a creative lady. As for Lorna, I think she’s come second in every task, I would love to see her win one.

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