My latest knitting project and can “one size fit all”‘?

After a look back at my 2014 knitting, I decided that this year it was time to try writing my own pattern ( a very simple pattern !) I own a shop bought T-shaped top that looked like a good piece to try to re-create (ie..knockoff!)


It’s waist length and made from just two pieces. The sleeves are knit in one with the body pieces. It’s made in stocking stitch so seemed like a good choice for my first attempt at pattern writing.


I swatched with some aran weight yarn and checked my gauge over stocking stitch. I measured the sweater and made some calculations on how many stitches and rows I would need to do.

But after doing the ribbing at the hem, I decided now would also be a good time to practice some cables…… first mistake there.  Cables will of course make everything narrower so I should have increased my stitch count.

I checked my knitting against the original :


In the above photo I’ve had to really stretch out the yellow fabric to make it line up with the orange top.

So really I should have gone back to the start. But…. a small child took a liking to the yellow colour and asked if it could be for them? The unstretched knit looked to be a nice size, with some wearing ease. So I carried on knitting, while sizing it up against said child when they passed by. And this is the result:


I’d like to say I only made one mistake… but I’m happy to show my second mistake because (I think !) I rescued it pretty well.

Here’s the inside back:


And here’s the inside front:


Can you spot the difference?  I was happily knitting away when I got to the neckline and saw I had forgotten to increase for the sleeve fronts!! So I knit two separate pieces and then used kitchener mattress stitch to seam them to the fronts.(edited as I mixed up the names!)


I also used mattress stitch for the side seams. I’m delighted I finally took the time to learn how to properly seam. And should probably make sure I have the basics perfected before I get carried away with pattern designing!


So although it may not have turned out the size I wanted, I did wonder how much stretch it had and couldn’t resist a little try-on….


Ha ha…. so technically it fits. .. but with a bit too much negative ease for my liking!!! Heres a comparison with the original top:


The useful thing is that now I can see clearly how many extra stitches and rows I will need for my next attempt. ….yes there will be another attempt 🙂
*eta* – The tutorial I followed for mattress stitch can be found hereMattress stitch tutorial

14 thoughts on “My latest knitting project and can “one size fit all”‘?

  1. Looks great! Good for you for having a go at designing your own sweater. Look forward to seeing what you design next. And as for that getting carried away and knitting beyond the point you should have increased/decreased or whatever, know that feeling well!

  2. Love the colour and the cable! Those side seams look so neat also.
    TV and knitting are a good combination, my only issue is that I need my glasses for knitting but not for watching TV – I’m not quite ready to step up to bifocals yet!

  3. So how old is the child? How small are you??!!! 🙂
    I love the color and the cables look very neat. I think the bought top has a little shaping at the top shoulder, it makes it sit better on your shoulder. You could try that with your next version 🙂

    I’ve made a top I designed (sounds fancy), but it needs a few small changes. I keep delaying them, I hope to wear it next autumn 😀

    • I got a laugh out of your first sentence! I’m roughly a uk8-10 !! But really there’s a lot of give in the front panel and I felt like a stuffed turkey wearing it, lol!! I’d love to see a work in progress post on your top ? and will definitely add more shoulder shaping to my next version 🙂

  4. Every time I see one of your makes, I want to say ‘can you make me one, I’ll trade you a dress!’. But then I remember you sew too!! But still, can you make me one??? :))

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