Burda Challenge 2015 – Style 107

Hi there – hope you’re cosy and warm wherever you are! The Irish weather has turned very cold the last week and I’ve needed extra layers to keep warm. Most of my sewing so far this year has been to tweak some previous makes as there were a few things stopping me from wearing them.

For future making, I need to fill some wardrobe gaps. I’ve noticed that I don’t own many sweatshirts or slouchy jumpers, so some new sewing was in order!

I’ve started on a top from January’s Burda magazine:


Style 107 Burda 01/2015

The other day I signed up to the Burda Challenge 2015 which Dawn who blogs here has organised. The idea is to sew a garment per month from that months Burda Magazine (either a 2015 issue or a previous year).

This months make is a pretty simple style , made in a thick fabric in the magazine :


My fabric is much lighter – it’s a woven wool mix fabric that I’ve mixed with a black pointe (as I didn’t have enough on it’s own)

The sleeves are in two pieces and are attached to the body before sewing the other seams.


They are then sewn together across shoulders and down the sleeve in one pass


The neckline is bound with a strip of the pointe fabric


After a try-on , I wasn’t sure if I liked it! The drop shoulders exaggerate the width of my straight shoulders. I also thought the length was a bit dowdy! I’ve pinned it shorter and am thinking of adding a patch pocket – here’s where it stands so far –


I haven’t decided if I’ll bind the hem yet but I think I’ll keep the pocket! Either way it’s good to get some sewing started for the new year 🙂

6 thoughts on “Burda Challenge 2015 – Style 107

  1. I joined the challenge too and this weekend I made one of the 108 skirts. Not sure about it though 🙂

    I think the pocket is a good addition, it balances the black in the sleeves. Did you finish this yet?

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