Oversized Houndstooth Sweater

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my City Cape:) As promised – I’m starting this years knitting posts with my first make of last year…. Somehow it never made it to the blog even though I was pretty chuffed with it !


Super chunky Sweater

The pattern came from Knitting Magazine Issue 121. It was designed by Erika Knight and uses very chunky yarn and 10 & 12 mm needles!


I used a different yarn to the pattern – Pampas Mega Chunky by Wendy which I bought locally.  I would have preferred black and white but my options were limited because I was eager to start straightaway! I also used 8mm and 10mm needles to get the required tension.


Pattern by Erika Knight

The design is knit in fairisle which means the yarn is stranded across the back as you work :


Inside view

This means you are wearing a double layer of thick yarn. Very cosy!

This was one of the first patterns I ever modified.  I had knit half of the front- but it looked so much wider than I would like to wear. So I ripped it back! Something I rarely do, but it was so worth it to get the fit I wanted. I made the smallest size and removed one repeat (10sts) of the pattern from the width.
By removing a repeat from the front and back it meant my sweater became 8″ narrower. With a finished circumference of 40″.


It’s a boxy jumper and meant to be a loose fit. The sleeves come to elbow length. I originally thought it didn’t make sense to knit a very warm chunky jumper with short sleeves? I mean – if it’s cold enough for a thick jumper then surely you want your arms covered too?? But now it makes perfect sense… long sleeves would be too heavy and awkward. It’s perfect with a long sleeved tee underneath so I’m warm enough and still able to move my arms easily while working!


The only other change was out of necessity …… I was running out of yarn! So I couldn’t do a cowl collar – instead I knitted 5″ of ribbing and cast off loosely.


So that’s it – it’s my go-to sweater when I’m feeling cold and just want something easy to wear with jeans!

I’m keen to move onto this years knitting but am still waiting for inspiration to hit – (although seriously considering the Acorn Trail cardi suggestion). Are you knitting anything right now – feel free to share in the comments 🙂

11 thoughts on “Oversized Houndstooth Sweater

  1. Wow! I think this is lovely. Much nicer (in my view) to have blue and white rather than the traditional black and white. The scale of the jumper pattern, the short sleeves and unusual colour combine to make it a stand out item. I am a very inexperienced knitter but I would love to make this.

    • Yes it was the scale that made me rush to make it! It’s not too difficult a pattern to knit – it’s just purl one side, plain (garter stitch) on the other. It did require some concentration to keep the pattern repeat even though. I had to undo a few rows when the motif wobbled to one side!

  2. That looks great, the pattern is really effective. I have never tried Fairisle knitting, looks quite complicated to me! But I have recently seen a local course advertised. I’ve no knitting on the go at the moment but thinking maybe a cardi for this year as I only own one and I’ve joined up for the RTW Fast 2015 so no buying one.

  3. When I saw the first image I thought it’s a kids jumper. It definitely is a very interesting jumper, I love the herringbone and the colors.

  4. hey there,
    great sweater. any idea where I could get the pattern? I have been hunting and hunting for a houndstooth knitting pattern. I can’t find that magazine, here in canada, let alone the 121 issue

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