Happy new year & a belated merry Cape-mas !!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a restful break over the holidays. It’s all systems normal from tomorrow for us – but it was really nice to have all the extra family time over Christmas.


I had hoped to share pictures of my Purl Soho City Cape before Christmas – but my laptop wasn’t playing along. After seven years it was a little overwhelmed and refused to work!!….I’m glad to say I didn’t lose any of my photos, but I’m still waiting on it to be fully repaired.
In the meantime I’m posting from my phone -so fingers crossed it works:)


City Cape - Free Purl Soho Pattern

I started this in Oct and finished in Dec. (It had to go on hold while I was sewing for the Pattern Review sewing bee.)

The pattern is free from Purl Soho. It’s knit in one piece from the bottom up.


Deciding on collar type

I made a few changes to the original which I’ve detailed below. I wanted the option of a button closure on my cape so I figured it out as I went along. *HOWEVER* If I was to knit this again with the neckline open, I would not do the front neckline increases as written in the pattern as there is quite a big overlap at the collar section. Its not a big deal, but I think it would be a little nicer if the fronts were properly vertical, instead of slanting at the top.


How I made it :

I used 5mm needles (US8) for the entire cape as I wanted it to be smaller than the intended 60″. Mine has a finished circumference of 50″. Length is roughly the same as pattern.( Approx 21 1/2″.)

I followed the pattern as written up to the SHAPE NECKLINE Heading. From here I didn’t bind off the stitches as instructed, but I followed the rest of the row instructions to decrease either side of stitch markers for neckline. After knitting row 6 , I continued in 2×2 rib for 6” then cast off all stitches.

In the photo below, you can see I tested two options for the front bands: a 2×2 knitted rib and a double crochet band.


I settled on the sturdier option of the crochet band. They were done using a 4mm hook and a double crochet stitch (single crochet in US terms) and are 2” wide. I also made buttonholes at the upper part of the band.


I handstitched some grosgrain ribbon to the inside neckline for stability.


And also attached the ribbon to the inside of the front bands.


After a few wears, I decided to add two snaps further down so that it closes completely ( I am always cold!!!) It’s now super comfy and cosy.

And that was my last knit of 2014 ….. I looked over my Ravelry projects for this year and have made more than I thought. Including a chunky sweater that I forgot to blog. So the next post here will be my first knit from 2014….. while I try to decide what my first knit of this new year should be!! Any new pattern suggestions would be very welcome 🙂

10 thoughts on “Happy new year & a belated merry Cape-mas !!!

  1. The button closure is a great idea! – I really liked this pattern when it came out, but thought it gaped a bit awkwardly when shown on a real person. Love the ribbon detail as well.

  2. This looks great. I don’t normally like capes, but this looks like something I could wear, I think it’s because it’s not very wide.
    I’m currently knitting Acorn trail and I have another “self designed” 🙂 top ready.

    I upload all my photos on picasaweb, I have lost too many to risk it again.

    • Thanks a mill – yep I like the width – and deliberately used smaller needles to make it narrower. I would look lost in a cape with another 10″ ease! I had seen someone shopping in a similar style with a buttoned front and it stuck in my mind. I love the Acorn Trail cardi – aran weight is my favourite to work with. I’m looking forward to seeing your version 🙂

  3. The cape looks awesome!! I don’t knit any more (not since I was a teenager). but this almost convinced me to take it up again. You can’t really sew something like this! Maybe I could place an order (joking!)?

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