My Surprise Sewing Bee entry

side view posed


I’m very happy to say I finished my A-Line skirt for the Pattern Review contest ( with a few hours to spare!). Half way through the week, I didn’t think it would happen.  I caught a bug during the week – nothing major – but enough to make me exhausted and in need of a day of r&r.  Thankfully by Thursday I was coming round.   So I decided to tip away at my skirt, and hope that it would be done in time – but if not I wasn’t going to stress about it.



skirt front posed


I made this from a black wool suiting fabric and some lace off cuts.  I had roughly  sketched out some ideas:



I transferred the lines onto my muslin and then traced the curved panels onto paper.  Then I cut them out from a cream lace and a champagne lace.

starting applique fronts



The lace pieces were zig zag stitched onto the skirt fronts and backs:  Which were then topstitched with a champagne thread


fronts pressed and topstitched


I then tacked the lining to the front and back pieces before stitching on the pockets:

lining pockets


And then the hip yokes /pocket backs:

pocket backs


The side seam was sewn catching all layers to just below the pocket join.  The lining was left to hang free from the skirt below the pockets:

skirt inside


All that was left was to attach a zip and waistband and hem both layers.


zipper and hook detail


And just in case you’d like to see a few more details! !


skirt back posed

skirt front flat


Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. But there are always a few things that I would have done differently!  I would have liked to have added some more topstitching, but I didn’t want to run out of time.

If you’re interested, it’s worth checking out some of the entries – there are quite a few posted in the Contest Gallery – it’s amazing to see the variations on the brief of an A-line skirt.   So…. fingers crossed that the judges see fit to put me through to the next round!!

11 thoughts on “My Surprise Sewing Bee entry

  1. I’m so glad you finished! I saw your entry and said ‘Yay!’ you finished!!!! I love your skirt. So many details and it really came out soo amazing and flattering. You are so in!

  2. The finished skirt looks great! The panel detailing works really well. I agree with a previous comment that your skirt should definitely get put through to the next round!

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