Surprise Sewing Bee – Planning

I mentioned in my last post that I had entered my first Pattern Review contest –  the Surprise Sewing Bee. The first garment is to be an A-line skirt. Not something I’ve made in years, so I thought it might give me an excuse to draft a pattern myself. (I could surely find one in my burda magazines- but I get lost for hours when I start flicking through them!)

But then I had a look through a box of very old patterns and found this:


It’s Butterick 5752 and is most likely out of print -I’d say it’s twenty years old! I have no recollection of why I bought this. The skirt is an A-line and has pockets which I like. I’ll make it to just below knee length so won’t include the pleat at centre front.

I quickly cut a muslin from some old curtain lining :



It fits ok – as usual I need to make it a little wider at the waist and shorten the back darts a bit.  Fabric wise I’m going to use a black wool suiting and then add some seaming or bands of other fabric to jazz it up a little.

For inspiration I’m looking to Herve Leger ….um… not aiming too high then..!! But seriously, I doubt it will look anything like an Herve Leger , I just really like some of the interesting lines and patterns used in the garments below:


You might notice the biro lines on my muslin-


I’ve sketched a few ideas and have no idea yet how I’ll make this work :


A close – up of my scribbled-on muslin:


I’m making the pocket opening wider, in the hope that it will give the illusion of having curvier hips. The curved pocket edge will become one of the panel lines. I have no definite idea yet for contrasting fabric and whether it will be panels or appliques but it’s starting to come together. I’m working over the next few days so will need to grab some time in the evenings ….. fingers crossed it goes to plan 🙂

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