Making & Doing…. & an interesting sewing competition

Hi there, I hope everyone had a nice Halloween? I got off lightly this year costume-wise, my kids all cobbled together outfits from a large box of previous years makes!!! So no last minute sewing this year.

Plenty of knitting going on though….


City Cape and yummy Flahavans porridge

My City cape is so close to the finish line. But it has taken longer than it should have tbh. Mainly down to poor planning on my part.
I haven’t had access to a printer so I’ve been using my phone to read the document. Which makes it difficult to pick up easily.  I’ve been scribbling a few lines ahead in the instructions onto a notebook and knitting away but it’s not the best way to work.

Otherwise it’s been a nice pattern to knit and I’m now on the yoke decreases. But my needles are about to give in:


Can you see the split at the join? I can’t get to town today so I’m hoping that they’ll hold out for another day or so! Fingers crossed!

In sewing news …. I signed up for the Pattern Review sewing contest. Probably a very bad idea as every time I’ve tried to make to a deadline something takes over at work and home! But I think it’ll be good to motivate me into sewing more even if I don’t keep up with the timeline.

The first challenge is an A-line skirt. Which prompted me to pull out a (very) old college book – Metric Pattern Cutting by Winifred Aldrich. :


I’d like to draft my own skirt rather than waste money on a pattern that I’m not sure I’ll even like! But it is adding more work onto the whole process.

I’ve been searching for some inspiration online but have nothing definite in mind yet. All suggestions for a contemporary style would be gratefully received! !!
Happy making , Chris 🙂


8 thoughts on “Making & Doing…. & an interesting sewing competition

  1. Oh, I so wanted to join the Pattern Review bee but it would have been madness. I need to make my daughter a dress for Christmas. I want to make myself one too. I have beautiful wool for it so I don’t want to wait until Spring comes along…

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