Outfit Along 2014, Nettie Sewalong etc…..!

Hey there 🙂 There are a few things that I am juggling at the moment so I thought I’d gather them into one post!

Fabric & Yarn for #oal2014

Fabric & Yarn for #oal2014


First of all is anyone else participating in the Outfit Along ???  It’s being hosted jointly by one of my favourite knitwear designers Andi Satterlund and the lovely and entertaining Lauren aka LLadybird   The idea is to make a knitted and a sewn garment that co-ordinate before the end of July.

The suggested pattern is Myrna – a very cute cardigan, and a Simplicity dress pattern. But it’s fine to substitute other patterns.

My yarn and fabric are pictured above – I’m almost half-way through my knitting , but haven’t decided on a dress pattern just yet.   We’ve been having the most beautiful summer weather in Ireland, which means hitting the beach to make the most of it.   But my knitting has been coming along with me! I rarely read at the beach as I get too engrossed in the story and wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on the kiddies, but with knitting I can sit back and knit away while keeping an eye on everyone – win/win 🙂




The other project on the go is my second Nettie bodysuit, to be made from a printed stretch jersey.  My first Nettie was made with a cotton/spandex fabric :

Nettie version 1

Nettie version 1

Heather at Closet Case Files   is also hosting a Sewalong and competition, so I hope to have it ready and photographed in time to enter. I cut a size 8 with a 10 at the waist, according to my measurements.  The only changes I need to make to the next version is to shorten the length a little , to use narrower binding (especially on the legs) , and to make a slightly wider sleeve.

If the fit comes out well, I could see myself making ALOT of these – seriously! so  so handy , especially in the winter under a dress.


And finally I want to thank Helen over at Cutitoutstitchitup .  Helen nominated me for a Liebster award in April, which was a really lovely surprise but with the excitement of heading off on holidays just after, I forgot to pass it on! So  I will get onto that too!



4 thoughts on “Outfit Along 2014, Nettie Sewalong etc…..!

  1. I love the colours of your yarn and wool together. Looking forward to the dress plan. I’m not joining in but I do follow Lauren’s blog so I’ll keep and eye out for everyone’s results.

  2. I also struggle when trying to fit patterns and my measurements often span 3 sizes! My main problem is I have no hips 😦 I’m also short so that is something else to add to the fun! Your Myrna turned out great. Mine looks very…amateur but I am so proud I finished it, my first sweater:mrgreen:.

    • Well done on making your first sweater – I wasn’t happy with my first few makes but I gradually got better with each make:) ….. having no hips so I have to straighten the curves in everything I make!

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