Burda 04/2014 dress 106 …. why a muslin would have been a good idea

It’s been a longer break than expected but I’m back with an update on my blue dress.   Judging by the number of views the last post received, I think more than a few people are considering making this! So I just want to say Hi! to any new followers – thanks for stopping by and do let us know if anyone else is working on this dress.

I had planned to have this burda dress finished before my holidays in April, but it just didn’t happen.  Nevermind,  it will still be worn when it’s done!

Here’s a reminder below of the dress in question:

burda dress 04 2014 line drawing

I had gotten as far as this with it:


The sleeves were tacked in and the side seams stitched together. But when I tried it on, it did as expected and pooled weirdly around the legs.

I decided to stitch the pleats in place to hold their shape.  I first pressed each side as far as the hem .Then pressed them towards the center of the dress.  I had taken pictures of theses steps but unfortunately they were deleted by mistake.!

I did encounter another problem after trying on again- it was almost impossible to raise my arms without hiking up the entire dress. The armholes seem to be very low.  I cut a slit in the sleeve  as it was impossible to lift my arm!

I’ve since taken out the sleeves and plan to bind or face the armholes and just leave the dress sleevless. ….ahh lesson learned… shoulda done a muslin!  I parked it for a few days to work on some less taxing sewing and also machine knitting – which worked out really well.

Stayed tuned for my version of Marianne Cant’s  Slouchy Cardigan – made in less than 24 hours! Exactly what I needed ater struggling with my blue dress 🙂

12 thoughts on “Burda 04/2014 dress 106 …. why a muslin would have been a good idea

  1. It is so annoying when something that you think will be simple turns into a fiddly nightmare of a design…I’ve discarded garments that I’ve started sewing when they just don’t want to be what was intended. I am really looking forward to seeing the Slouchy Cardigan…. 🙂

  2. Putting a slit in the top of the sleeve looked like a good solution but a neat bias binding to the armhole will finish it off nicely. Doing a muslin can sometimes feel like such a bore when you just want to get started with the real think. I’m on the final steps of making 4 bridesmaid dresses and my next make needs to be something quick and easy to get me over the intensity of the last few weeks!

    • Yep a muslin can be a pain alright – I wasn’t too invested in the fabric so I thought I’d just fire ahead! 4 dresses- I’ve been there! I’m thinking of making some nettie bodysuits next – hopefully shouldn’t be too hard. Can you share any details of the dresses?

      • When I’m organised I’ll post pictures of the dresses. Had a good day yesterday, fitted in an hour before the family woke up, an hour in the afternoon and 2 hours in the evening and got finished – just need final press.
        Glad to see the end of it!
        What are nettie bodysuits?!

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