Today’s knitting is brought to you by the letter….. H


H is the theme of my knitting right now – on my needles I have Andi Satterlunds gorgeous cardigan Hortencia. And I’m still working on my Hermione socks. A little every now and again… they’re almost done:)

hort vest

But to be honest I’ve just been engrossed in my new cardi! I picked up the pattern when it was on sale on Valentines day. I have been looking for a quick and easy cardigan for a while, and this is perfect. It’s a very straightforward pattern to knit, but has a lovely collar in garter stitch to give it some texture and visual interest.


It’s a seamless, top down knit in stocking stitch. The collar is shaped with short rows in garter stitch. The sleeves are knit onto the armhole, with short rows used for the sleeve cap. I have one sleeve left to finish, but I’m quite proud of how neat the first one looks :

hortfirst sleeve


Yarn details are on my ravelry page The colour is difficult to photograph , it’s a green that slightly teal but with gorgeous flecks of colour throughout. I honestly can’t wait until it’s finished ( hopefully in time for Paddy’s Day! )

9 thoughts on “Today’s knitting is brought to you by the letter….. H

  1. I love the collar on this and that sleeve head looks beautiful!
    My Hermione socks are being a slow knit, I think I started 5 weeks ago. I’m just about to turn the heel on the second one.
    In Aldi today they have a sock knitting book. £1.99, I wasn’t that taken with the patterns – unless you ever want to knit a pair with separate toes – But there was a heel technique called ‘short row’ heel, it gives the look of RTW socks when you get a mitred effect. I’m sure I’ll find details on the web if not I may splash out.

    • I really like the collar too – I’m hoping it’ll look good over dresses without being too covered up:) Aldi and Lidl are great for random knitting bits and bobs aren’t they? But not sure about a pair of socks with separate toes!!

      • No need for me to spend £1.99 as I googled ‘short row heel’ and found a number of tutorials out there. I’m going to give it a go on the next pair.

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