Drape Drape inspired top


I haven’t yet bought any of the Drape Drape books. They’re on my wishlist with a while, but I still haven’t made anything from my Pattern Magic books. So I’m holding off ( for now!!).

Although I really want to buy them after seeing some of the gorgeous pieces cropping up around the internet. Melissa from Fehrtrade has made a draped top version. And so too has Kim over on The Material Lady.
After seeing the pattern piece for the draped tee, which looks something like this :

I thought I could improvise a little and make my own pattern.


So I folded my fabric (a cotton lycra with lots if stretch) and placed my tee shirt on top like so :


And then started to cut…. without thinking to look at my handy diagram!…. So I cut along by the hem of my tee shirt instead of almost at a right angle to the folded fabric edge. Ah well! Not a big deal really, it just means there is less drape at the side seam.


I folded back the tee shirt sleeve so that my new top would be elbow length. After cutting it out, I also cut into the front neck to match it to the neckline on my original tee. I then finished the neck with a narrow doubled strip of fabric.


I cut some cuffs to finish the sleeve ends and a band slightly less than hip circumference to finish the hem.


My drape is on my left as I thought it might annoy me to have it on the right. But after wearing it, I don’t think it matters as the top is really very comfortable !

So all in all , a worthwhile experiment – but it really just makes me want the Drape Drape books all the more !

4 thoughts on “Drape Drape inspired top

  1. Well done! Your top looks great – and I wouldn’t worry about not following your picture as you have a very wearable result from a simple procedure. I always overcomplicate things so it’s good to be reminded it isn’t necessary. I love the fabric too.

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