Hermione socks -two at a time

Progress on my Hermione socks

My latest socks are coming along slowly but steadily! After knitting the first sock as far as the heel turn, I decided I should try something new by knitting two at a time.

2014-02-10 11.29.40

So I left it on stitch holders. I then cast on and knitted the second sock to the same place. The next part took a bit of brain twisting as I knit one side of the first sock then both sides of the next sock ,then back to the other side if the first sock. This got them lined up to use magic loop two at a time for the gusset shaping .

2014-02-10 11.30.06

And thats where I am with them right now. I did have trouble remembering which sock was first so I swapped one of my stitch holders for a safety pin, and it seems to have done the trick.

We’re having very stormy weather in Ireland right now- my class this morning was cancelled due to no electricity- so I might get some more knitting done hopefully. My wifi is out because of the weather but thankfully my mobile phone is still working! I’m posting this from my phone so apologies if it’s in a jumble 🙂 Chris

Hermione socks -two at a time

6 thoughts on “Hermione socks -two at a time

  1. looking good! I like the idea of knitting two socks at a time but I don’t think I can get my brain around it at the moment? do you have to split your ball of wool in half?
    I Just need to do the toe stitching on my first Hermione sock, been a bit slow. This one has taken two weeks.

    • Yeah it took a while to get my head round it too! I’ve wound off a second ball to use , but some people knit from the outside and the centre of the yarn. The cast on looks like it could take patience, but I avoided it by working them separately first:)

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