Red Sweater – backwards and forwards…. and done!!

My Red Eyelet Sweater is done!

red eyelet3

After last posting about my Sweater, I took some time to consider a really helpful comment ( thanks Kristin ). The short rows on the sleeve head were never going to blend in , no matter how much wishful thinking was involved!   So I bit the bullet and started unravelling….



I unravelled as close to the eyelets as I could comfortably get.   I had to unravel part of the extra rows I had knitted to the yoke.  This left twelve loops which I cut, and then tied off and left them to be woven in under the arms later.

This is a reminder of what the original short rows looked like: ( there’s an obvious ridge along the upper arm)

sleeve beginning

And here is the new sleeve head beside the first attempt:

new sleeve cap (1)

A lot prettier I think you’ll agree? 🙂 So all that was left was to repeat the unravelling on the other arm and finish the sleeves.

red eyelt shoulder shot

I literally used up every last bit of yarn making this – I didn’t have enough to do the high-low hem. Instead I finished with a k3 p1 rib and then cast off.  I’m really happy that I took the time to fix the sleeves properly (although I don’t look it in this pic!)

red eyelet full shot

It’s very comfortable to wear too, and actually feels like something I’d pick up and buy.  I’ve had it happen before, that I spend days knitting something just to look at it and realise that it’s not my style.  My chuck sweater would fit into that category, fits well, looks lovely… but just not very me.  Has that ever happened to you?

4 thoughts on “Red Sweater – backwards and forwards…. and done!!

    • Thanks a mill 🙂 having a blog is already helping improve my knitting- it’s great to have another person look at everything objectively and then offer their opinion and advice. It’s not something that I have in real life!

  1. It looks great, the colour is fab. The new sleeve head looks perfect. I’m not sure if it has come with age or the fact that I am posting items for the world to see but I will unpick / unravel if things don’t look right. I seem to have much more patience than I used to have.

    • I know what you mean- I’m normally happy with ‘good enough’ for my personal projects, but photographing works in progress and posting them does make you step back and take time to do it better 🙂

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