Eyelet Yoke Sweater progress

I’m getting close to the finish with my Eyelet Yoke Sweater .  But I did make a few changes along the way so I’m sharing them in the hope that it might be useful to someone else.

First of all the neckline – I noticed the neck had a very wide opening.  I wanted my version to sit closer to my neck. So I decided to add some extra rows to my yoke piece before dividing for the sleeves. This helped a little I think. But then after trying it on later I realised that the sleeves would need to be shaped more like a set-in sleeve than the tube shape sleeve in the pattern.

If you look at the picture below you will see where the neckline would sit if I added a tube sleeve on as directed in the Sweater Recipe:

wide neckline

I decided to try adding in some short rows to the top of the sleeve to allow the neckline to sit higher as below:

new neckline

Here’s a rough idea of where the short rows would go:

short rows side view

And here’s how it looks after I did the short rows and then continued in the round:

sleeve beginning

I picked up the wraps as best I could, and I’m hoping they will be less obvious after blocking.

I worked out how many rows to do by measuring from the shoulder edge to where my underarm starts.  I needed to work approx  fourteen rows so I started with the centre nine stitches and knitted on two stitches at the end of each row until I had used all the armhole stitches that were on hold. Then I carried on as per pattern instructions.

I’m not very experienced with short rows – but I came across this free Craftsy course which might be of help if you want to use them in your project:  Carol Fellers Short row course.

4 thoughts on “Eyelet Yoke Sweater progress

  1. OK, I’m no short row expert – except to say that they always look sub par in stockinette fabric with lots of stitch definition. The wraps will even out but probably not as much as you’d like. If I were you, I’d start the short rows right after the lace. Firstly, I think they need to shape higher up. Secondly, the lace will obscure the wraps visually.

    Pls. note though, I’m unfamiliar with your pattern and I can’t remember short rowing on my one yoked project. So there may be things I’m not considering adequately…

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts on it – I think you’re right – it would definitely be less obvious closer to the lace stitches and would make more sense to be up higher. I think if I hadn’t knit so much of the body then I would rip back part of the yoke . I had thought about undoing the sleeves and just leaving the neckline as on the pattern-but I know it would put me off wearing it!. I don’t think it will stop me from wearing it, but it definitely needs a different approach if I make it again :)**edit** I just took a different approach with the other side and it looks so much better -thanks for helping:)

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