Sweater ( & Sock) Knitting

ImageThis past week I’ve squeezed in some knitting time to work on my Red Eyelet Sweater. I’m at about waist level and its been an easy knit so far.  The hem has a really nice shape – longer at the back than front, made with short rows.

The Yarn is an Aran weight Dy Choice Yarn that’s 25% wool and 75% Acrylic. I’m hoping that the acrylic will mean it will pill less than if it were all wool. It’s definitely a pattern I’d recommend for TV / Car knitting, as once the yoke eyelets are finished, it’s just plain knitting in the round, with a few increases and decreases along the way.

Two stitch markers are needed but all mine look very similar so I used a little yarn loop on one side :


My thrifty stitch marker…..!!

I’ve also been tipping away (slowly!) on my Hermione socks :


It’s the same yarn that I used for my last socks, but in a different colourway. They’re looking kinda pretty so far!

Oddly even though I sew a lot, I haven’t posted much about sewing! I’ve been inspired by some self-imposed burda challenges out in blogland and think something like that could keep me focused. I also need to make more use of all the Burdas that are gathering dust on a shelf. xxx Chris

5 thoughts on “Sweater ( & Sock) Knitting

  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater, it’s a great colour.
    Socks looking good. In fact I’m going to download the Hermione pattern now. I’ve got nothing to do whilst I’m watching the telly at the moment!

    • Best of luck with them Helen – looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Sweater is coming along nicely – I couldn’t leave well enough alone and have been making a few changes along the way though!

      • planning to get some yarn for socks this coming weekend. Pattern looks manageable with just a purl stitch every other row. Thinking of a plain coloured pair this time.

      • I started the Hermoine socks on Friday evening. I’m nearly up to the first heel. I’ve gone plain yarn this time. I do have to concentrate a bit as sometimes I forget I’m starting a new row and continue with pattern. So a tiny bit of unpicking has been going on.

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