Newest socks


These are the finished socks which I began at the start of January (Pattern used ‘A simple sock’ Two socks, one week KAL)


I didn’t quite get the stripes to match up properly – but it doesn’t make them any less cosy!


I’ve also started back on my Eyelet Yoke Sweater   . This time I used a long tail cast on, which made it easier to keep everything lined up and un-twisted ( plus I took my eye of the telly for a while!) It’s knitting up very quickly:

eyelet yoke sweater1

Photo shows where the yoke ends, and you divide for the armholes.  But because I’ve such straight shoulders, I’ve knitted 6 extra rows before dividing it.  I also wanted to keep the neck higher as above – I’ve noticed in some versions that it opens out into a wider neckline on some people, so I’m hoping that less stretching into the armhole will mean the neck doesn’t open out too much.

I’ve also cast on another pair of socks –  the Hermione’s Everyday socks  and have been working away slowly on them.  It seems like non stop knitting at the moment, but I have started sewing a bag which I’ll share soon:) ,  Chris

5 thoughts on “Newest socks

  1. Looking good!
    Thanks for the link to the Hermione socks. I need to move on from plain and rib so this looks like a move I can make into knitting a proper pattern.

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