Two socks , (almost!) One week


I definitely caught the sock-making bug after following along with Two socks, one week.   After my first pair were done I bought some Rico Superba bamboo yarn to make a second pair.

I made a few little changes this time round – I knitted the cuff in K1 P2 rib and I also used less stitches on the circumference (56 total sts after the decrease row.


I’m not to keen on the striping yarn – I think I’d prefer a darker colour.  But the interesting thing is what started as just being curious about how socks were made, has now become a real understanding for why people knit socks! On my first sock I really thought it was too much work for something that could be purchased easily and cheaply.  The main reason I sew, is that it costs a lot less to make the things I want to wear.

But with sock knitting, it seems to be more about making something manageable when the urge to knit comes on. I hate watching tv without something to occupy my hands , or even waiting in the car – I often wish I had my knitting along.  Socks seem to be the perfect project to have on the go between other projects. I came across the  Socks with sarah KAL and thought it was such a good idea.    I’m hoping to keep sock-making as a regular part of my knitting.   I don’t think it’ll happen every day, but definitely every week.

I am looking at some new patterns to try out – and there are a few techniques I’d like to try too – like added a thicker padded sole. Maybe in a different yarn or a different stitch ( need to research a few so any suggestions are welcome). The good thing about the knitalong is watching what everyone else is making and getting inspired!

4 thoughts on “Two socks , (almost!) One week

  1. Looking good. It looks like you are doing these on a circular needle, I’ve only tried 4 needles. I haven’t looked for a method of a more padded sole but would be interested if there was one out there. Do you do you heel k1, slip1? I like the effect this gives, it seems to give a more thicker appearance than the stocking stitch. I don’t have a pair on the go at the moment and it feels quite odd after knitting furiously in the run up to Christmas. Hand knitted socks aren’t cheap – £8 upwards for the wool but they are so more superior to shop bought ones.

    • Yep I’m using the magic loop method with the circular needle .I’ve never gotten the hang of the other way! The heel is k1s1 alright-i think it might be less stretchy than st st. They do work out more costly than shop bought but definitely feel nicer on 🙂

  2. I actually love this sock pattern. The striping is so neutral somehow – and so complicated looking! Can’t wait to see when they’re both finished. Right now I’m making baby socks. Cutest thing ever and they take like 2 hours a sock.

    • Thanks – the beauty of the striping pattern is that they hide any little odd mistake too! Baby socks sound like a nice quick knitting fix, especially when you haven’t been well, although I hope you’re feeling better now:)

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