Finished – Two socks, one week



Finished –  my first pair of socks !

I’m so glad I tried something new. During knitting the first sock, I really though it was too much work for ‘just socks’ , but I’m a convert to sock knitting. The second sock just came together without me even noticing. We were watching a lot of movies over the holiday evenings, and I just knit away.


Image I did have a few bumps with the first sock but it was so handy to have all the help and videos from Kristin and I was determined to learn some new techniques. Long tail cast on, magic loop and kitchener stitch were all new to me.  I’ve already cast on a second pair – although I don’t think they”l be ready in a week! But I do think it’ll be handy to have a pair of socks on the go, to pick up at TV time or in between.

It was good to keep to a time frame too – often my plans get pushed aside as there is no real deadline. It’s my goal this year to knit (& sew) with a plan. With that in mind I thought a blog would help me keep accountable to myself ( and hopefully to other like-minded stitchers!) so please follow along if you can 🙂   Chris


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