Sock progress


My first sock ever pictured above! I’ve finished the second one also, which turned out a lot better.

There are a few little errors on the first one – I had a little speed wobble on the heel which can be seen if you look closely. I also jumped onto grafting the toe before I aligned the stitches correctly which made for a wonky toe! ….I actually didn’t realise until I was finishing the second sock, and then saw the difference!


Ooops… I did undo the toe stitching and managed to catch all of the stitches safely before re-doing the toe.  They fit beautifully – photos to come ! Just a little blocking to do and they’re finished. I’m really glad I followed along with the KAL at K-Line,and a big thank you to Kristin for the pattern and links to the various techniques. ( It was a first time using magic loop and doing Kitchener stitch!)

The second sock came together quickly over the course of a few movies, and I’m beginning to see why people love sock knitting so much… I may even have picked up a new ball of sock yarn today!

In other news I cast on my new sweater and knitted away for about fifteen rounds until I took a proper look at what I was doing:

2013-12-31 15.39.53 (1)

**NOTE TO SELF** – drinking wine and knitting is never a good idea…… doh!

9 thoughts on “Sock progress

      • You know, that’s what I found when I knit my first pair. I was about to throw it in on the first sock – but the second just flew off the needles (relatively speaking).

  1. Hello, just saw your comment on ‘did you make that’ about knitting socks over Christmas etc… So was I, and I think I’m now addicted to it. The colour is fab!

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