Two Socks One Week KAL

Socks Ahoy!

Socks Ahoy!

So I’ve started my first pair of socks ever…. I cast on using a long tail cast on and after watching Kristin’s video on magic  loop I gave it a go. It felt a bit fiddly at the start, but it didn’t take long to get the hang of it.  I had tried using dpn’s (double-pointed needles) for a sweater sleeve recently and it nearly drove me insane – I wish I’d known about magic loop then!

The pattern and directions can be found at K-Line – all the related posts are visible in the side bar of the blog.   I’m using a 4ply cerise wool ( cos everyone needs pink socks, right?)   a leftover yarn, as I didn’t want to buy yarn until I was sure of what I was doing.  I got ahead of myself and didn’t read through the directions fully so forgot to decrease stitches after the ribbed cuff, but decided not to unravel it.   I just decreased from where I was at a few inches down. I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference to the fit.

The heel shaping was a revelation to see taking shape – I had to try it on just to look at how well it fitted! I’m not too happy with the gaps at the picked up stitches – it actually looks better on the other side. But  I’m treating these as a practice pair so not stressin’ over it.


I’m not sure how long I’ve spent on these as I’ve been knitting during tv time.  But it didn’t feel like a lot of work.  The only thing is that I think I’d prefer to have a cardigan or sweater to wear ,after putting in all the knitting time.   It just seems like a bit of a waste when they’ll get covered by my boots!

So to compensate, I’ve been looking for a sweater pattern to knit up. I have some deep red aran weight yarn and I think I might start on The Eyelet Yoke Sweater by Courtney Spainhower.  But I’ll keep on track with my socks aswell 🙂

3 thoughts on “Two Socks One Week KAL

  1. It’s looking great! And I love that colour! I’m glad to hear that the magic loop is coming along. It does seem really fussy at first (mind you, so do DPNs, I’m sure). After a while though, it’s all easy and you only have one needle to worry about!

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